Why a Comedy Show?

Whether simply to provide entertainment or to break up the monotony during a long day of meetings, a comedy show is a great way to raise your team’s spirits or bring a smile to people’s faces. Our performers are the best of the best in Philadelphia: so if you can’t make it our shows, we’ll bring our talent on the road. PHIT offers exciting, one of a kind comedy performances that are sure to be a hit with any corporate, school, or private event.

The All-Stars offerings promise an entertaining set of comedy from one of the top acts in Philly. Our stand-ups and storytellers have played throughout the city and around the country. Each of our improvised shows are one-of-a-kind, made up on the spot from a suggestion by a member of your audience – so they have never been seen before and will never be seen again. Every sketch show we send on the road is a guaranteed showcase of written material like you’d see on Saturday Night Live, packaged to travel easily and with a minimum of complicated technical requirements so the show goes off without a hitch.

Our “Live From PHIT’s Stage…” shows bring one of the most popular alternative comedy shows from our venue in Philly to your location, and combine scripted and improvised material to create a hilarious, interactive, fun experience for any type of audience.

We can work with you to customize our performance to your needs: whether you want it squeaky clean, a full “uncut” performance, or would like to include members of your organization in the show. No matter what you need, Philly Improv Theater will bring our brand of original, creative, high-energy comedy to you.