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The Hoppers Hit the Road

Through Sept. 7. Various dates and showtimes. The Adrienne. $15. 2030 Sansom St. 215.413.1318. www.livearts-fringe.org

When Benny and Martin Hopper sing, you’ll wince. Then again, maybe you’re into that kind of thing. The “brothers”—actually N Crowd members and Philly locals Brandon Libby and Mike Connor— debut their homemade meta-improv-musical as part of the Fringe. Connor and Libby, acting as a pair of home-schooled singing, uh, stars from Glenside, Pa., deal in The Office- style humor in which the laughs sink in a quicksand of awkward. In their show, the brothers set out on a quest to reach the pinnacle of stardom: a gig in Ocean City after the death of Grandma, a beloved figure who saved them from a mom too busy snorting meth to slap the PB&Js together. A crazy, lazy-eyed women and a naked dude in a bathtub play deeply into the plot. The Hoppers website is running a couple of great videos you might want to check out in advance of the show: an ode to Philly beneath the Rocky statue, and an enlightening rap about diversity, complete with the preppiest, whitest, pastiest clothing you’ll ever see. The 90-minute show features members from Philly’s burgeoning improv scene, with support from the Rare Bird Show, Men About Town, Industrial Improv, Illegal Refill, ComedySportz and Delaware Theatresports. (S.J.B.S.)


-Taken from The Philly Weekly (September 3 , 2008)

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