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Way Down in the Hole: A Comedy Tribute to The Wire

Wed., March 5, 8pm. $10. Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St. 215.592.0119*

Like gravity, Newton’s third and entropy, Lorne Michaels’ law is a universal truth: If a show is popular, a comedian will “honor” it. Sure, they shied away from The Wire for a long time. Too real. Too gritty. And no one would get the jokes. As much as people talked and read about it, most people hadn’t actually seen it. But now it’s the final season, and people are watching. It’s time for the funny to start. Hole—a fundraiser for Project H.O.M.E.—is a collection of sketches, videos and improv bits dedicated to the most depressing television show of our time. It’s going to be tough. The drug trade, corruption and murdered kids aren’t the most obvious topics for comedy. But The Wire has a lot of hard-wrought tough-guy dialogue and political demagoguery. In the hands of comedy troupes like the Sixth Borough, Secret Pants and Meg and Rob, it might be pure gold. (Alli Katz)

-Taken from The Philly Weekly (February 27 , 2008)

*Philly Improv Theater's phone number is actually 267.233.1556.

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