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The Hoppers Hit the Road
by Molly Eichel

Brothers Benny and Martin Hopper are songwriters. Their credo, "Family-friendly fun with your family and friends," poses one problem: "They're almost too dumb to realize that they're not family friendly at all," says Michael Connor, director and star (he plays Martin) in The Hoppers Hit the Road. The Hoppers reside in Glenside, but after their granny kicks the bucket, they decide to head out on the road to the big city — Philadelphia. The show features 17 songs, written by Connor and co-director Brandon Libby (who pulls double duty as Benny), interspersed throughout the Hoppers' journey. Borne from singing Christmas carols together at a show for Philly improv group the N Crowd, Connor and Libby handpicked the cream of the city's improv crop to play the Hoppers' acquaintances, like Nathan Edmonson, the leader of a hippie band the brothers meet at the corner of Catharine and Passyunk. "Every single person in this cast has really impressed us before and that's why we asked them to do it," says Connor. "We had these characters — the Jersey douchebag, the schoolmarm — they were stock, flat characters. These actors were able to really flesh them out."


-Taken from The Philadelphia City Paper (August 29, 2008)

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