Ronnie Brewington

Ronnie is a member of PHIT House Team Outside Voices (Under the direction of Caitlin Weigel), and he’s darn proud of it! After a chance meeting at dinner with PHIT Member Alex Newman, he had decided to give Improv a shot. Just about two years later, and after three PHIT courses (Taught by Jessica Snow, Mike Marbach, Maggy Keegan and Alex Newman respectively), he’s honored to be a member of the theater.

He likes to consider himself a man of the world, with his overall goal being to make a positive impact on it. When he isn’t working, coaching soccer or teaching kickboxing, he’s spending his time using different aliases to put out multiple projects for the world to enjoy. You can catch him performing as the #YCCPDB (his own rap group in which he is all 8 members), hosting Lerato Vigor’s Love Power Radio (his own Soul Music broadcast), putting Q-Tips on strangers whilst going by the name Beauford Q. Tippingsley, or bringing as much truth to the world as possible under the moniker Pickle Bentwright. Heck, he’s even written a couple of children’s books.

Oh, and he wears a decent pant. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but… Yeah. You get the idea.

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