R.J. Payne

R.J. Payne is a Philadelphia-based improviser who performs regularly with Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) House Harold Team Dr. Sleepover, and indie group Bed Savage. R.J. loves to be on stage, and feels most alive when he is under the bright lights, performing for an audience. He describes his improv style as character driven, and loves to build characters from the ground up, starting with something as simple as a finger twitch, to discover what a particular character is all about. R.J. has studied at the Philly Improv Theater, completing the improv curriculum, and regularly attends various workshops and classes around the country, including New
York, Chicago and L.A. In 2013, R.J. was cast in Reasonable Doubt, an improvised “who-done-it” show performed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. R.J. has also
performed at the F Harold comedy festival, and, along with indie group Bed Savage, serves as the house improv team for the monthly show ‘Comedian Deconstruction’, a blend of stand-up, music and imrpov. Lastly, R.J. has a passion for sketch comedy, music, and musical improv.

To get in touch with R.J., follow him on Twitter: @phillybobpayne

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