Marcely Jean-Pierre

Marcely Jean-Pierre from Willingboro, New Jersey is a member of PHIT house team Swan Year, directed by Rob O’Neill. Marcely began his improv journey back in August of 2014 when he took Improv 101 at PHIT. He then went on to complete the theater’s core curriculum and completed PHIT’s session 5 conservatory with “The Aquarium” in 2015. Marcely has also performed on indie teams “Lovers of Books” and “Seven Pounds of Shame,” and has performed sketch with the sketch duo “Until Pluto.”

Marcely has been favored by the improv gods as he has been able to learn from some of the best improvisers in the city of Philadelphia, including Corin Wells,  Jessica Snow, Kristen Schier, Nick Gillette, Becca Trabin, Ralph Andracchio, and Rob O’Neill. Among his many comedic inspirations are Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Key and Peele, Steve Carell, In Living Color was funny as hell, silly little children are also swell…

Marcely also sometimes rhymes things unintentionally and has a background in writing and performing spoken word poetry. He is currently social worker by day and occasionally sleeps at night.

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