Lali Gill

Lali Gill is a member of PHIT Comedy Improv House Team Channel 77 (directed by Frank Farrell). She is also a member of indie team Daddy Bulldog, was a cast member in the short-run show Stay Dead!! An Improvised Horror Comedy (directed by Mike Marbach) in the fall of 2015, and has performed in PHIT’s monthly Diversity Night as a member of team American Express. She has traveled to perform in New York City (The PIT), Richmond, VA (Coalition Theater) and Baltimore, MD (Charm City Comedy Project).

Lali studied at PHIT Comdy under Caitlin Weigel, Jessica Snow, and Kristen Schier, and has had the pleasure of working with directors Corin Wells and Steve Kleinedler via Channel 77 and Daddy Bulldog.

When she is not (likely making weird noises) on stage, Lali genetically engineers things and talks about science whether those around her like it or not. Also, her legal first name is Hasreet.

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