Kevin Ruth

Kevin is incredibly honored to be part of the PHIT house team Trash Island under the direction of Jess Snow! He is also a member of the independent improv teams Skeletons, Etc and Office Hours. Skeletons, Etc is directed by Alex Gross and Office Hours is directed by Brian Rumble.

Kevin’s first exposure to comedy was as a member of Sketchup, the University of Maryland’s only ALL sketch comedy group. Whilst at Maryland, he attended many improv workshops orchestrated by his friends, Erasable Inc. After graduating and moving to Philadelphia, Kevin immediately needed an excuse to not be an adult all the time, so he signed up for Improv 101 at PHIT. He has been lucky enough to receive the amazing instruction of Jessica Ross, Nick Gillette, and Mike Marbach.

When not doing comedy, Kevin likes to read comic books and play video games. He also likes Star Wars…a lot.

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