Joe Moore

Joe Moore first became involved in the comedy scene around Philadelphia when he helped convince Paul F. Tompkins to come to the city as part of his Tompkins 300 Tour in 2010. A regular at comedy shows, he eventually got up on stage as a panelist for The Bully Pulpit and has gone to serve as host for the first Witout Awards for Philadelphia Comedy, play the Emcee in PRO-MANIA 2K12, serve as writer and then head writer for PHIT sketch house team Dog Mountain and replace original host Brendan Kennedy at the helm of PHIT’s longest running variety show, Guilty Pleasures. In June 2013 he premiered his mostly solo/silent sketch show, Joe Moore’s Creepy Crawlies.

Joe has studied sketch writing under Brian Kelly, Paul Triggiani and Michael Delaney (UCB) as well as taking improv classes at PHIT. When he isn’t doing comedy or hanging with his wife and go, Joe plays in the band Otto Von Walmart.

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