Erin Pitts

Erin has studied long-form improv with Philadelphia Improv Theater under Kristen Schier, Nick Gillette, Mike Marbach, and Greg Maughan. She performed with House Team ZaoGao from 2011-2013. She has also taken workshops with Christina Gausas, Susan Messing, Michael Delaney, Maggy Keegan, and Christian Capozolli. Erin performs with The SHAM, a gathering of improvisors across all PHIT house teams and is a member of PHIT House Team Outside Voices.

She also performs with Caitlin Weigel in their bubbly duo, Royal Baby, the featured new act at the Philly Improv Festival this past year. She is a performer with Figment Theater as a host of Date Night, a couples themed improved show and is a student at John Hughes High, an improvised homage to the eighties film director.

When Erin isn’t performing, she is spending time with her family in Western Massachusetts, rolling around town on her 1970’s Raleigh, behind the lens of her camera, or snuggling with her delicious cat, Mia. She is constantly looking for someone to pay for her to go back to school or to pay for all of her current student loans so she can then get more by going back to school.

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