Corin Wells

Studying under Nick Gillette, Amie Roe and Mike Marbach, “PHIT bred” Corin Wells began performing improv in 2011 with the independent team Iron Lung. With them she has performed in numerous festivals including the Philadelphia Improv Festival, The Philly Fringe Festival, and The NYC Improv Festival. In September 2011, Corin was cast in “24”, an improvised show performed at the Philly Fringe festival, under the direction of Steve Kleinedler. She was also member of the PHIT House Team Hot Dish.

In 2013, she was cast in PHIT’s Season run of The Bat and PHIT’s Fringe run show, The Party. She was also a member of Figment Theater’s improsied horror, Slasher and Note to Self. You can currently see Corin performing as a member of PHIT House Team Outside Voices directed by Caitlin Weigel, Figment Theater’s TripleDouble, directed by Maggy Keegan and Frigg, directed by Hilary Kissenger. She is also a member of ComedySportz Philadelphia. Corin is a member of PHIT Sketch House Team Dog Mountain and Indie sketch team, ManiPedi.

Corin likes to sing about the moon in June and the Spring. She’s just your typical Sagittarius/Ophiuchus cusp.

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