Aubrie Williams

Aubrie Williams is a member of PHIT Sketch House Team Goat Rodeo, host of The Theme Show with local super group ManiPedi, and a former member of retired PHIT Improv House Team King Friday. She first stumbled upon improv when a class was offered at Temple University, and decided to brave the unknown and take the class. After the initial (and irrational) fear wore off, she realized that she couldn’t get enough of it, and created the Temple University Improv Club to keep getting her fix.

As a Theater/P.R. Major, Aubrie has enjoyed being on-stage, behind the scenes, and writing about and promoting a wide variety of projects. Her favorite show to be a part of at Temple was Laundry and Bourbon, where she got to play a boozed up Texan housewife (she didn’t know this was her dream role, but quickly discovered it). Other notable accomplishments are performing in NY, Boston, and Chicago with King Friday, playing a Hooker on CBS’s “Hack,” and getting to be a wardrobe assistant on the movie “The 24th Day.”

Currently, you can find her performing regularly with her ManiPedi family, as well as her improv trio Axis of Evil. In her spare time, Aubrie enjoys writing, watching too much on Netflix, and playing ukulele and guitar.

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