Apple Milkshake

Apple Milkshake is a member of PHIT House Team This is Your Captain, and was a member of now retired PHIT House Team Asteroid!. He has studied improv at PHIT, and The Magnet Theatre in New York City.

In Philadelphia he is co-founder of the Incubator, Philadelphia’s weekly improv homeless shelter (actually, it’s more of a get-together open jam, just to be clear), and a member of the improv rock band Velvet Helmet. He has also been known to perform improv for unknowning audiences in semi-public locations – like the South Philadelphia IKEA – with his guerilla improv collective Har.

In August 2008, he appeared in PHIT’s runaway success musical comedy The Hoppers Hit the Road as part of the Philly Fringe, playing the role of a hippie named Flavored Water.

When not indulging his taste for improv, he enjoys being the first one on the dance floor, discovering new slow-cooker dishes, and blender drinks. He also thinks himself quite the graphic artist, and fancies silk-screening his own posters and t-shirts. Those who absolutely cannot get enough AJ should check out his band, LO Power Plane.

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