Andrew Sigwart

Andrew Sigwart is currently a member of the PHIT house team “Hoffman” (directed by Bobby Lang).

He began studying improv with PHIT in 2013 (101: Kevin Pettit / 201: Kristen Schier), and he appeared in PHIT’s seasonal production of “Millennium Quest: Warp Jawn” in 2014 (directed by Michael Hochman).

Andrew is very thankful to be a part of the PHIT house team “Hoffman”, and looks forward to every practice and show with them. He’s not sure how he got so lucky as to work with the talented improvisors that make up this team, but he’s also not going to bring it up with PHIT staff, lest they realize their mistake and kick him out.

When not performing live, Andrew can be found appearing in the videos he produces as a YouTube Partner at

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