Alyssa B. Jackson

Alyssa began studying improv at PHIT in 2014. She is a humbled member of house team Codename: Dresden, directed by Nick Gillette and performer in Stay Dead! PHIT’s short run improvised horror comedy. On the independent side, she puts the height in Lady Rutherford and the bear claw (pastry) in Four Beer Bear. Lady Rutherford, an all-girl trio with Samantha Salley and fellow company member Sheila Master, hosts The Slumber Party! a monthly variety comedy show.

Alyssa’s foray into the performing arts started at a very early age. She’d studied at the Actor’s Alliance (in Detorit, MI) and the Woodruff Arts Center (in Atlanta, GA); co-hosted Flip Card Video, a children’s black history video series; performed in numerous stage and musical theater productions – and even directed a few – by the time she foolishly turned away from the theater in her angsty years.

After an extended hiatus learning and doing ‘sciency engineery’ things Alyssa’s finally gotten her head on straight and is thrilled to be back on stage and a part of the Philly comedy community. Yes, she drank the kool-aid. At PHIT she has studied under Caitlin Weigel, Mike Marbach, Kristen Schier, and Steve Kleinedler.

When she’s not at, in, or around the theater, Alyssa can be found shoving foods of all kinds and qualities (but more often than not Federal Donuts and Capogiro Gelato) into her face. She also loves dancing – of the Ballroom, Latin and freestyle night out varieties – and upon occasion can be found overhead doing the aerial circus arts of silks, corde lisse, lyra, and static trapeze. During bankers’ hours you’ll probably find her doing the technical make’em ups: prototyping and engineering toys and stuff.

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