The Flat Earth presents “Best Regrets”

The Flat Earth, PHIT’s oldest sketch house team, opened their newest show last weekend. The show is called “Best Regrets,” which encapsulates the themes of the sketches but also the writing process itself.

Read a Q&A with Matt Schmid, a writer and performer on The Flat Earth, below!

What was the writing process like for this show?
The writing process was a little bit different for this show. Since we’re celebrating our five-year anniversary this year, we’ve been looking back and seeing which sketches we would like to include in our upcoming best-of show for the Philly Fringe Festival. While looking back we kept coming across sketches that we really liked but never quite worked on stage. We decided to use this show to rewrite and rework old sketches and see if we could fix them. Writing the show felt like a collaboration between us and ourselves from three or four years ago. While writing the show we realized that some of the sketches were bad for a reason, so the show contains a mix of new and reworked material.

What most excites The Flat Earth about this show?
There’s at least one sketch in this show that is a completely reworked version of a sketch that I wrote for our second show back in 2013. I was really embarrassed by that sketch and it how it went the first time so I’m very thankful for the opportunity to hack it to pieces and try it again all these years later.

Also, there’s a sketch where Rich Lee sings opera.

What can audiences expect? What would you like them to know going into the show, if anything?
This show is probably the loudest and dumbest show we’ve ever put on… and I mean that in a good way. Also, this is the 16th consecutive Flat Earth show to reference The Maccaroni Grille, which is a thing we decided we would do for no reason at all while writing our very first show in 2012.

How is this show different than other The Flat Earth shows?
The last few shows The Flat Earth has done all contained a lot of very short sketches. This show has more than a few sketches that really take their time. I forgot how much I love to write sketches that slow the pace down and explore the weird world they inhabit.

Anything else you would like to say about the show!
We are lucky to get to perform this show with two incredible acts, The Amazing Flying Edelmen and American Express. The Edelmens are so funny and their show at PHIT “The Gimmick Show” is one of the weirdest, silliest shows I’ve ever seen on stage in Philly. The last time I caught American Express I was blown away. They have such a great energy whether they’re performing sketch or improv and they have a special way of making the audience feel like they’re in on the fun instead of just spectating.

Get tickets to “Best Regrets” for Friday July 38th at 8:30 p.m., Thursday August 3rd at 8:30 p.m., or for Friday August 4th at 8:30 p.m.!

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The Live Read with Gab Bottoni Debuts Tomorrow!

After a fruitful submission period, the teleplay writers and their half-hour pilots have been selected, and a full lineup of comedy cast-mates have been chosen to join Gab onstage for the first installment of THE LIVE READ on Wednesday, July 26th at 10 p.m.!

Gab and her cast of comedy buds will do a table read of Malaika Carpenter and Tarshara Baker‘s “DO BETTER,” and Jack O’Keeffe‘s “HELLA FUN” — both original, half-hour pilots — in front of a live audience. 

“DO BETTER” is about best friends, Myesha and Tasha, who after getting dumped on the same day, make a pact to re-define happily ever after by discovering what truly makes them happy.

“HELLA FUN” is a half-hour comedy about Kate, a young demon from Hell, who is banished to Earth and forced to dedicate her life to making one other person happy. Unfortunately, the person she’s tasked with making happy – Helen – is about as miserable as they come.


Gabriella Bottoni
Olivia Kram
Chris Berg
Scott Campbell
Sarah Clemency
Remi Dhillon
Chris Esperance
Erica Gooch
Will (Pro Cess) Harris
Randie Welles

The Live Read with Gab Bottoni comes to the PHIT Comedy 2nd Stage THIS WEDNESDAY (July 26th) at 10PM! Whether you’re coming for the stories, the cast, or the FREE BEER, we’ll see you there!

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Fjord and Mainstage’s Final Show

This Saturday night, PHIT Comedy will have the final performances for two of our beloved house teams, Mainstage and Fjord. Come out and celebrate the best way we know how: with lots of laughs and some cake.

The cast of Mainstage is Caitilin Weigel, Dan Corkery, David Donnella, Erin Pitts, Hasreet Gill, Jacob Todd, Jess Snow, Kristen Schier, Marcely Jean-Pierre, Pim Van Huijkelom, Robyn Cartlidge, Sheila Master, and Whitney Harris. They are directed by Frank Farrell.

Fjord is Gab Bottoni, Scott Campbell, Sarah Clemency, Alex Coffey, and Joe Tuzzi. Fjord is directed by Kristen Schier. They have been together since October 2015. For their last show, former teammates Casey Hogan, Pim Van Huijkelom, and Kathryn Amrhein are all coming back to play with Fjord.

We asked Fjord a few questions about their time with this team. Read their answers below!

What will you miss most about playing with this team?
Joe:Playing with some of my best friends on a weekly basis.
Gab: I will miss seeing my weird, loving family on stage every week. I will miss everything about them as people and as players onstage and off. I will miss being with people I truly have no boundaries with. But mostly I will miss being lifted and/or being smooched by Scott.
Scott: I think the things that I will miss the most are the dumb warm up games we make up on the spot, the unconditional support in and out of scenes, and how weird we are together. Fjord has a reputation for being very close in a weird way and I take a lot of pride in that. It is very special.

Sarah: HOLY SHIT! I’m going to miss playing with this crew. We were all so weird and clicked with our weirdness almost instantly. I’ll miss Joe’s insane moves. That dude will literally throw out his back for improv and his team. Gab’s sexual tension with all of us. Alex’s calm way of saying the most ridiculous lines. Kathryn and my peas in a pod scenes. Pim being able to make an argument scene be so much fun. Casey being the best at calling out bullshit in scenes. He consistently made me break. Ryan being a big sexy goofball who would go along with ANYTHING. Shawna being a big witty dream. And I won’t miss anything about Scott because I get to still be on a team with him because I’m a lucky person. I love this team and these people.
Alex: I will miss getting to work with some of the funniest people I know every week and genuine love and respect we have for each other.


What are some of your favorite memories from playing with this team?
Joe: All the kisses
Gab: A lot of my favorite memories went down outside of Philly, while traveling for improv festivals with Fjord. My first time out of the country was with Fjord for the Vancouver International Improv Festival. A couple of Fjordies who I won’t name got in a big drunk vacation fight and hopped out of the driver seat of our rental van. I had to jump up from the backseat and take over and go find these dummies. It was pretty Fast & Furious, tbh, so I had fun. My first time performing in the Del Close Marathon was 3 years ago with Fjord. They always try to wing man me with Jason Mantzoukas but, y’know, to no avail. We have fun.
Scott: I’m not going to bore readers with details of scenes, but my favorite memories are of high stakes / high energy scenes with Joe, dark scenes with Alex, scenes where I got to push Sarah’s boundaries (mentally and physically), creating intense relationships with Gab, my various on stage sexual encounters with Ryan, reacting to Shawna’s beautiful, beautiful brain,  constantly attempting to curve ball Casey only to have him one up me every time, being pushed by Pim regularly to be a better improviser, and last but not least.. steamrolling (literally) Kathryn.

Sarah: Definitely traveling together. Also I will always cherish Fjordies drinking Fourties, and Fjord 20s. These were some of my first friends at the theater. They can’t get rid of me easily. So more memories to come!!!!
Alex: Scott and Joe lifting me up, getting to go to Vancouver hanging all weekend, and having the building evacuated because we (Scott and Ryan) got really into bunny bunny and cause the building to shake.

Fjord would like to thank the PHIT community, especially the students and fellow improvisers who come out and support them on a regular basis. They said, “It means a lot to have that support in the audience and we truly love you all for it. We also want to thank Adam for casting us, and a huge thanks to Kristen Schier for directing us these past 15 months. We have grown a lot especially in the last year and a big part of that was Kristen pushing us to be better and imparting her infinite wisdom upon us. We love her and can’t thank her enough.”

Last week, Hoffman and 1816’s final show sold out, so be sure to get tickets to Fjord and Mainstage’s final show now!

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Hoffman and 1816’s Final Show

Tonight, PHIT Comedy will have the final performances for two of our beloved house teams, Hoffman and 1816. Come out and celebrate the best way we know how: with lots of laughs and some cake.

Like a tickle fight for all of your senses, a Hoffman comedy experience is more than chuckles. It’s a full-body laughter massage! Hoffman is Whitney Harris, Cole Johnston, Kayleigh Leggitt, Andrew Sigwart, Peter Szekeres, and Jacob Todd. Hoffman is directed by Max Sittenfield.



1816 is Jolie Darrow, Brendan Kingston, Sheila Master, Jon Plester, Sean Sullivan, and Aaron Unice. 1816 is directed by Sam Scavuzzo. They have been together since October 2014 and for their last show they have invited former teammates and both directors they have had to come play in with them.

Jolie Darrow shared, “At the very first 1816 practice, and our very first montage, Nicole Zeits laid down on the ground, patted it, and initiated with “Sit down boo.” It was brilliant. There was also a time when half the team played exotic zoo animals and the other half played owners, and the owners carried around all the zoo animals all over stage.”

Brendan Kingston also shared, “Everyone on this team is such a strong, grounded, funny player. Being a late addition, I felt immediately at home and among friends, and it’s only accelerated from there. I’ll most miss just hanging out, practicing, and laughing. Also I will miss the sound of tug boat horns from the sidelines.”

Tickets are selling fast – get yours now!

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Announcing the Newest PHIT Improv House Teams!

This past weekend PHIT held auditions for brand new Wednesday and Saturday improv house teams. This was our first house team audition in over a year and at nearly two hundred people, our largest audition ever. Everyone was wonderful, which made the casting process exceptionally difficult. After several days of deliberation we are pleased to announce our newest PHIT Improv House Teams!

These teams will go be behind closed doors getting into fighting shape for their September debuts. We couldn’t be more excited to see each of them in action (and also find out what they choose as their new team names!). Look for Wednesday teams to debut on September 6th and Saturday teams to start debuting on September 9th.

Tom: I’m very excited to get to work with so many great performers. We truly agonized over what configuration would work best, given the number of high-quality performers we saw throughout the weekend. This group is full of fun players who will make fun and bold choices on stage and help build a welcoming community off stage.

Samantha Abrams
Yvonne Anderson
Peter Quach Duong
Bobby Hayes
Alexis Howland
Tia Kemp
Drew Klemens
Joel Thomas
Joseph Tuzzi

Sheila: Last weekend proved that Philly is overflowing with talent.  It was incredible, but also made my job extremely difficult.  This team is a bunch of delightful improvisers that I can’t wait to laugh with, be surprised by and support during this experience.

Christina Anthony
Jigesh Baxi
Chris Berg
Jabari Dortch
Madison Helmick
Tess Liebersohn
Brett Rader
Jacob Todd
Meghan Walsh

In addition to these fresh new Wednesday night teams we set out to assemble new teams for Saturday. Casting all new Saturday teams was admittedly a big task and it was not one we took lightly. After the amazing showing over the weekend and at callbacks we ended up casting the most teams we have ever cast at the theater at one time and are so happy with each one of them. These Saturday teams will be choosing their directors and we will announce those at a later date.

Scott Campbell
Sarah Clemency
Andrew Coppola
Nicholas Elmer
Brendan Kingston
Cara McGuffin
Melinda Messina
Andrew Nealis
Sean Sullivan
Jimmy Wyatt
Gabriella Bottoni
Robyn Cartlidge
Katie Cwirko
Adrian de Leon
Tom Hannigan
Marcely Jean-Pierre
Kevin Pettit
Kristen Schier
Joe Wendrychowicz
Kelly Conrad
Shannon Fahey
Stacie Lyons
Sheila Master
Emma Needleman
Erin Pitts
Molly Scullion
Christine Walden
Randie Welles
Tara Demmy
Chris Esperance
Matt Garren
Nick Gillette
Apple Milkshake
Kelly Jo Little
Courtney Painter
Jon Plester
Lizzie Spellman
Karen Coleman
Jolie Darrow
Derrick Houck
Dan McClory
Jack O’Keeffe
Annie Paradis
Raja Rajanathan
Peter Szekeres
Pim van Huijkelom

There is so much talent here in Philly. We were genuinely impressed by so many people that we simply did not have room for. There are more auditions and performance opportunities coming soon and we can’t wait make more tough decisions like the above. Meanwhile keep growing and doing great work, which is its own reward.

Be sure to get out and support the current slate of PHIT improv house teams that will have their last shows on 7/22, 7/29, and 8/5 @ 8:30 p.m. They have done amazing work and we look forward to celebrating their runs.

Kristen Schier
Improv Producer

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Shark Tank: The Final Episode

PHIT Comedy is excited to welcome “Shark Tank”: The Final Episode on Friday, July 21st at 10:30pm and Saturday, July 22nd at 9:00pm!

“Shark Tank”: The Final Episode is a bizarro take on the reality show Shark Tank that imagines a jaded panel of business experts listening to dumb product pitches while looking for any excuse to end the show for good. But it’s live, on stage, and scripted. The show is set up like a live taping of a TV show, complete with an audience warm up comic (Ari Fishbein) and eight new real (fake) commercials.

The cast is Molly Scullion, Rob O’ Neill, David Donnella, Frank Farrell, Katie Cwirko, Geoff Jackson, Whitney Harris, Annie Paradis, Jim Grammond, Jess Snow, Jeff Kremzier, Bill Reick, Pete Szekeres, Kate Banford, and Karen Coleman.

“Shark Tank”: The Final Episode was written by Max Sittenfield and Sean Keegan-Landis. How did they come up with the idea for this show? “Max was watching the show Survivor and thought, “Hey, I could write a Shark Tank script.” He couldn’t. But he and Sean could.” The audience does not need to know anything about Shark Tank to enjoy this show.

Check out one of the show’s real (fake) commercials!

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Announcing Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2017 Producers

PHIT Comedy is thrilled to announce that planning for Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2017 is officially underway! The producers for this year’s festival have been selected and have started discussions for the marathon. Read more about this year’s producers below!

BFCM 2017 will also be opening festival submissions on Monday, July 17th and closing them on September 15th. Keep an eye out for the submission forms!

Tom Hannigan – Executive Producer

Tom Hannigan has been studying and performing improv for over five years. Tom’s been a member of PHIT House Teams Metropolis and Outside Voices as well as in short run shows Stay Dead!: An Improvised Horror Comedy and Reasonable Doubt for the 2013 Philly Fringe Festival. At PHIT, Tom has taught workshops and hosted his pick up improv show, Super Human Horse, for over two years. In the Fall, he’ll be the director of one of the two Harold teams performing every Wednesday night.


Nicole Yates – Stand-Up Producer

Nicole Yates is a Philly-based Standup Comic who has appeared all over the country in shows at clubs, bars and back rooms of burrito restaurants. She has also appeared in a bunch of silly viral videos, wrote for some late night local talk shows and sketch teams and is the proud Co-Founder of the BFCM. In her free time she enjoys sleeping, various nerdy stuff and collecting things your mom yelled at you for having right after stepping on and then threw out. She also really likes pizza.





Kayleigh Liggitt – Assistant Improv Producer

Kayleigh has been performing improv for about 7 years. She is currently on PHIT house team Hoffman, she runs and performs in the show CORE, and she produces indie shows Free Improv at the Grape Room and Improv Under the El. When she is not doing improv she likes to bike, do yoga, keep tiny humans alive and play Sims.






Patric Ciervo – Assistant Sketch Producer

Patric Ciervo is a comedy writer from Philadelphia who has been active in the sketch comedy scene since fall 2013 with his project Patric Writes Sketches. He is also a member of the PHIT house team Fezziwig. His greatest life achievement is that he once sold Tina Fey a Betsy Ross House Christmas ornament.





Alyssa Al-Dookhi – Assistant Variety Producer

Alyssa Al-Dookhi is an Arab American comedian, writer and game show host living in Philadelphia.
She produces and hosts various shows all over Philadelphia, including the game shows “Eat Your Beats!” and “Make Up Or Break Up.” She can be seen frequently at The Punch Line Comedy Club in Philadelphia and has been featured at the annual Bechdel Test Fest and the Philly Women’s Theater Festival.

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The Decoy Gets Away

 It’s summertime at PHIT Comedy which can only mean three things: white water rafting, piña coladas, and Jack Black, baby! Check out The Decoy‘s newest live sketch comedy show at PHIT Comedy: The Decoy “Gets Away” – a collection of hilarious, fast paced, “super wow I am impressed at how much fun I am having while I enjoy this show it is like a vacation!” comedy sketches.

The Decoy is Carolyn Beatty, Chris Berg, Tyler Bonner, Kelly Conrad, Christopher Esperance, Shannon Fahey, Emily Kinslow, Dan McClory, Pat Reber, Annie Paradis, and Molly Scullion. They are directed by Brian Rumble.

You can catch “The Decoy Gets Away” Thursday July 13th at 8:30 p.m., Friday July 14th at 8:30 p.m., Thursday July 20th at 8:30 p.m., and Friday July 21st at 8:30 p.m.

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Special One Night Only Shows To Catch!

Improv trio Beirdo will appear live at PHIT Comedy for one night only on Thursday July 13th at 9:00pm! Beirdo is Kevin Pettit (Philly), Dennis Trafny (NY), and Dan Jacquette (Minneapolis). Get your tickets to Beirdo!

PHIT is also excited to welcome “We Might Just Kiss” from Magnet Theater in NYC on Friday July 14th at 10:30pm! Lady improvisers join together for “We Might Just Kiss,” hosted by Megan Gray. Megan is the Artistic Director of the Magnet Theater. Get your tickets here!

Megan will also be teaching a workshop, Lady Party, at PHIT on July 15th at 12:00pm. More details about the workshop can be found here!

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PHIT Digital Sketch Team “The Worst Generation” Seeking New Writers!

PHIT’s Digital Sketch Team “The Worst Generation” is looking for ​new writers! The Worst Generation has been creating digital sketch videos for just about a year now and is looking to expand their already strong roster.

The Worst Generation is directed by Digital Sketch instructor and Page One / 1816 cast member Jon Plester who says, “I’m very excited to see members of the community who may not already have the opportunity to do sketch on stage, or very passionately want to create sketch comedy, come out and submit packets that blow me away. The Worst Generation already includes several hilarious and wonderful people, I can’t wait to see who we’re going to add to this already talented and hard working roster.”

The Worst Generation writing team meets weekly on Thursday nights with the goal of creating new ​videos at a consistent rate. PHIT is looking for writers who can think outside the box, surprise the audience, and most importantly – make people laugh. We are also looking for writers who are comfortable performing.

If you are interested in submitting to be a writer/performer for the Worst Generation please follow the below guidelines:

  • The submission packet must be in PDF format​.​
  • Packet should​ 10 pages or less and should be comprised of at least 3 sketches. ​
  • The packet should also include 10​ sketch pitches (this does not count towards the 10 pages).
  • In the body of the email please include your Phone Number, sketch writing / performing experience and any special skills (or a resume with all of these things if you have one).

​​All necessary materials​ should be submitted​ to ​ by 11:59 PM on ​Sunday, July 29th, 2017. Please use the subject line “​Worst Generation Packet – [FULL NAME]” when e-mailing the PDF.​

We ask that all writers submitting packets are either enrolled in or have completed Sketch 101 at the Philly Improv Theater​ or have special permission of director, Jon Plester​.

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Finders Keepers, Our Family-Friendly Show, Is Moving To A NEW TIME!

PHIT Comedy is thrilled to announce that Finders Keepers, our family-friendly improv show, will be moving to Saturday afternoons at 12:00pm beginning July 8th! Each Saturday, the cast of Finders Keepers incorporates audience ideas and participation to create never-before-seen, improvised shows that delight our patrons of all ages.

What if dust bunnies were actual, talking dust bunnies living under your bed? What sorts of adventures might they get into? What happens when a closet full of talking shoes has to deal with how noisy their friend the clog is or try to conduct a meeting with their friend the slipper, who keeps sliding off her chair into a sleepy lump on the ground? What if you went away on vacation and the neighbors you asked to watch your house while you were gone went completely overboard, deciding that the best way to do this would be to move into your house and even fill in for you at your jobs? These are but a few of the characters and comedic situations Finders Keepers brought to the stage last year. Don’t miss a chance to help shape and be a part of the adventures the cast and audience will go on in the future!

The cast of Finders Keepers is comprised of some of Philly’s most talented, playful, young-at-heart improvisers, who captivate our audiences with their lively, interactive performances. Students in our Kids & Teens training center have the added delight of seeing some of their very own teachers performing onstage! Each show runs approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. We encourage caregivers to take into consideration the length of the performance when deciding if it is best geared to their children’s attention spans. So, grab your kids and come to our 2nd Stage for some hilarious improv fun, and then make a day of it in Center City by visiting Rittenhouse Park or indulging in some of the tasty treats at the restaurants, bakeries and ice cream parlors in our neighborhood!

Finders Keepers tickets are $5 for children, $10 for adults.

Get your tickets to Finders Keepers’ July 8th show here!

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The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie present “Sob Stories” With Special Guests The New Dreamz

PHIT Comedy is excited to welcome The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie as they present their show, “Sob Stories.”

“Sob Stories” is the latest full-length sketch show from best friend sketch comedy duo The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie since their acclaimed 2015 show “Sketch Comedy.”

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie is a Philly sketch duo consisting of Matthew Schmid and Jacquie Baker. Matt & Jacquie’s dark, absurd, and surprisingly genuine sketches feature doomed idiots who are just doing the best they can.

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie’s sketch videos have garnered attention from The A.V. Club and Comedy Cake and nominations at the 2016 FirstGlance Film Festival. Matt & Jacquie have opened for Emo Philips, Brent Weinbach, and DJ Douggpound, and they have performed at the New York Comedy Festival, Toronto Sketchfest, Montréal Sketchfest, and Philly Sketchfest. Philebrity has described The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie as “essential viewing for the comedy obsessed” and Matt & Jacquie’s previous show “Sketch Comedy” was called “impressive” by Montréal’s Bad Feeling Magazine.

Opening for “Sob Stories” is The New Dreamz. The New Dreamz is a performance team comprised of Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. They make videos and perform live. Most of their work is funny on purpose. Andrew and Rose are art friends and live in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Via planes, trains and automobiles they perform all over the globe.

Get your tickets for Thursday here or your tickets for Friday here!

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For the first time since 2013 PHIT is taking part in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival! We will be producing six great shows as part of the festival that we are super excited about. We’ll be sharing more info on each show very soon. For now- auditions!

We are looking to fill some roles for two of our Fringe Festival productions “Becoming Vegan” and “Town”. Below you will find all the necessary audition information. Auditions for Becoming Vegan have ended, but Town is coming up! Hope to see you there!


Welcome to TOWN! TOWN is in America, maybe. TOWN is an inviting place where nothing bad happens. The locals of TOWN are hiding plenty of secrets – silly secrets, sinister secrets, and they will all be revealed by the end of the metaphysical horror-comedy modeled after Thornton Wilder’s classic “Our Town”. Written/Directed by Jolie Darrow and Jack O’Keeffe.

~Dr. Dobb- Male, head of the Dobb family. Town doctor. Gentle and earnest.
~Mrs. Dobb- Female, mother to Rachel and Fred. No nonsense lady with a tendency to gossip.
~Fred Dobb- Male, quite unitelligent, easily frustrated. Loves baseball.
~Rachel Dobb- Female, stubborn. Simple in her ambitions. A bit of a know-it-all little sister
~Mr. Jebb- Male, Newspaper man, very wise. A bit of a pushover. Loves his family
~Mrs. Jebb- Female, A busy body. Loves her family. Loves town business. Loves gardening but can’t grow a thing.
~Sally Jebb- Female, loves school. Incredibly into history. Discovering her sexuality in interesting ways.
~Professor- Gender nonspecific, very droll. Knows a lot about most things. Humorless and “boring.” Quite a braniac. Loves rocks.
~Jenny/Jimmy Crane- Gender nonspecific, town newspaper kid. Loves Town.
~Harold/Harriet Milk- Gender nonspecific, Town drink salesman who goes door to door delivering milk. Loved by all in town.
~Mrs./Mr SAMSON-Gender nonspecific, town hottie. Also a gossip. Overly excited by most things she experiences. It’s all THE BEST.

​Saturday, July 15th, 2017
12:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Philly Improv Theater
2030 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Please prepare a one-minute monologue (comedic OR dramatic). Sides will also be given during auditions. Seeking a diverse cast of all ages. Parts are not race or age specific. Please bring a headshot and resume with you to auditions.

Must be available for all show dates and times: 9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/16 @ 7:30 p.m., 9/17 3:00 p.m. For rehearsals we are looking for open availability between late July through mid-September.  Please fill out the availability form understanding we are looking for people who are available all or most of the listed dates in addition to others in the months of July and August.

Click here to fill out the availability form. Drop-in audition appointments will be available, but please fill out the form to reserve a specific time slot.

Email with any questions.

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July’s (Untitled) Features McIntosh Bazile

The Dynamite Series @ PHIT is excited to present (Untitled), a show that strives to merge the worlds of improv comedy and visual arts into a unique collaborative experience. Local visual artists across many disciplines will share their work with the cast to inspire an improvised theatrical show, and then the artist will be invited to create work during the show in response to the action happening on stage. A highly trained ensemble capable of falling into different forms or styles to compliment their exploration of the purpose and permanence of art and comedy.

This month’s guest artist is McIntosh Bazile, a scholar at the University of Pennsylvania and a spoken word poet.

The cast of (Untitled) is Samantha Abrams, Ralph Andracchio, Ryan T. Barlow, Karen Coleman, Kate Fruhman, Whitney Harris, Sue Jahani, Andrew Nealis, Zachary Uzupis, Joe Wendrychowicz. The show is directed by Rachel Semigran.

(Untitled) is Saturday July 8th at 7:30pm. Get tickets here!

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This Month’s Study Hall Features Guest Lecturer Lali Gill

Drexel University’s Professor Michael Yudell and his academic friends team up with some of Philly’s best improvisers to create a full hour of hiliarious improv comedy inspired by real stories from history and science. Professor Yudell and his friends will exploit every ounce of their tenure to lecture on a wide variety of topics and the “students” will warp each lecture into outrageous scenes on the spot! Don’t be late to Study Hall!

Study Hall on July 1st features lectures from Professor Michael Yudell and Lali Gill!

Lali Gill is a member of PHIT Comedy Improv House Team Channel 77, indie team Daddy Bulldog, and was a cast member in the short-run show Stay Dead!! An Improvised Horror Comedy (directed by Mike Marbach) in the fall of 2015, and she has performed in PHIT’s monthly Diversity Night as a member of team American Express. She has traveled to perform in New York City (The PIT), Richmond, VA (Coalition Theater) and Baltimore, MD (Charm City Comedy Project).

Lali studied at PHIT Comedy under Caitlin Weigel, Jessica Snow, and Kristen Schier, and has had the pleasure of working with directors Corin Wells and Steve Kleinedler via Channel 77 and Daddy Bulldog. When she is not (likely making weird noises) on stage, Lali genetically engineers things and talks about science whether those around her like it or not.

Lali will be with sharing with Study Hall some of her favorite stories from the history of biology and anatomy research, as well as some of her own experiences in genetics research. These are topics she has written about and studied closely for exams, but she has never discussed them before in a lecture format. Although she is an improviser, she is not actively preparing this lecture through that lens. She said, “I want to present as neutrally as I can and allow the cast to be creative with it in their way, but to be honest I’ll probably end up being goofy about it in the moment. Some real silly things have happened in the history of science and I find them funny.”

Lali shared that she is excited to lecture on Study Hall because she loves when she is able to merge her love of science with her love of comedy. She said, “Sometimes it feels like science/the history of science are treated as very serious things, and I’m glad to be a part of something that makes them more relatable. Also I think processing science through comedy or art in any format makes it easier to understand, and I’m all about the esoteric/technical world of scientific research becoming less esoteric/technical!”

Study Hall is made up of David Donnella, Frank Farrell, Stacie Lyons, Melinda Messina, Robert O’Neill, Molly Scullion, Jacob Todd, Aaron Unice, and Caitlin Weigel and is directed by Mike Marbach.

Study Hall is Saturday at 7:30pm! Get your tickets here!

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One Night Only! Sir Reginald and The Quest For The Slice Of Life

PHIT Comedy is excited to welcome Sir Reginald and the Quest for The Slice of Life from NYC for a special one night event!

Sir Reginald and Baron Percival are on the Quest for the Slice of Life – an ancient slice of roast beef which holds the power of immortality. Who will win, as they battle mysterious fawns and gargantuan dragons? Numerous characters are seen in an adventure that spans across an entire imagined world. A hilarious one-man epic fantasy tale with a dizzying amount of characters by British Comedian & Actor, Dan Titmuss.

Sir Reginald and The Quest For The Slice Of Life is a one-man show that was premiered in late 2016 as part of SOLOCOM at The Pit in NYC and has since moved to Reckless Theatre, also in NYC.

Dan Titmuss wrote and directed this show. Dan Titmuss is a New York based British improviser/actor. Prior to immigrating to the United States, Dan performed with UK based improv troupes: Degrees Of Error, Glitch, and The Science of Living Things. He is a three-year veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has studied with Reckless, The PIT, UCB, & The Maydays.

Get your tickets here!

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Dyad presents “A Fantastic Trip!”

Join Dyad (Frank Farrell and Maggy Keegan-Landis) for fast-paced, comedic improv that takes you on a journey into the fantastic. Frank and Maggy create a world full of rich characters where something unusual is about to take place (or already has) that will set these characters on a journey of self-discovery. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and also there might be sea creatures.

Maggy Keegan-Landis is an improv teacher, director, and performer in Philadelphia. She studied improv and sketch in Los Angeles with iO West, The Groundlings, and Second City in Hollywood where she performed with numerous improv groups and in festivals across the country. In Philadelphia, Maggy served as the Artistic Director of Figment Theater. She has directed several improv and sketch groups including Davenger, Triple Double, Playback, ManiPedi, and House of Solitude and she currently serves as the director for the improv team DoublePlay.

Frank Farrell began improvising in 2009, when he joined La Salle University’s troupe Improv 101. He studied at PHIT under Steve Kleinedler, Mike Marbach, and Greg Maughan, and at the UCB Theater in New York. Frank studied extensively with Maggy Keegan-Landis, and taught with her at Figment Theater in Philadelphia, where she helped him discover the power of emotional honesty, the endless joy of playing games, and a core belief that this is the most fun thing we can be doing, and we should always strive to treat it as such. He currently performs with Big Baby, Triple Double, and Study Hall, hosts the weekly improv show Frankenstein, and writes and performs in the sketch comedy duo The Prince.

Dyad art was created by Daniel Corkery.

Dyad is every Monday at 9:00pm. Get tickets to tonight’s Dyad show here!

Maggy will also be leading an improv workshop at PHIT on Sunday July 16th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm. Find out more about Maggy’s workshop, Language of a Scene, here!

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“Sisters Three” Is Back!

PHIT Comedy is excited to welcome Sisters Three back to Philly!

Written entirely through improvisation at the Magnet Theater in New York City, Sisters Three is a fast paced, multi-character comedy about a family’s reluctant reunion. Without sets or costumes to hold them back two actors seamlessly intertwine over thirty distinct characters into a heartfelt rollercoaster ride of dysfunction, redemption and baby pumas.

This New York Times Critic’s Pick show stars Elana Fishbein & Elena Skopetos, who wrote it alongside director Peter McNerney.

If you missed it when it was at PHIT in January, now’s your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind show!

Sisters Three is Friday June 23rd at 7pm! Get your tickets here!

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Goat Rodeo’s Newest Show

PHIT Comedy sketch house team Goat Rodeo debuts their new show, “Pet Me,” this week! We talked to Goat Rodeo to learn more about what to expect!

Where did you get the idea for the title?
The show title is “Pet Me,” which is nothing like any iconic industry-breaking records from a 60’s Surf band from Hawthorne, California so PLEASE STOP ASKING BECAUSE US GOATS ARE MORE ORIGINAL THAN THAT!! It’s just a cool groovy phrase we liked that has to do with animals, and more specifically, goats!!

What was the writing process like for this show?
For this show ESPECIALLY, all of the writers separately locked themselves in a dungeon with a Little Nero’s lovely cheese pizza three weeks prior to show meetings. Weirdly enough, the writing process was still similar to other Goat Rodeo show processes- which is us all laughing and eating a family-sized bag of our favorite snack food each, which will be the opening of our sitcom should anyone ever want to fund our snack habits!! (SERIOUSLY- we’ll tailor one of the 48 scripts we have pre-packaged to literally any snack company, so please inquire within and you don’t even have to pay in cash or bitcoin, just snack-packz!)

What most excites Goat Rodeo about “Pet Me”?
We’ve done 11 shows together, so at this point we answer as one entity after McGrail tricked us into that seance at the abandoned mini-golf course. So we, bonded by the power of the clown head with shark eyes on the 7th hole, are most excited about how dark and weird this one will get! Sure, we feel like we say that every time but now we’re ETERNALLY OBLIGATED TO by the clown head with shark eyes that forces us against our souls to.

What can audiences expect? What would you like them to know going into the show, if anything?
In true Goat Rodeo fashion, we’ll pull you into a world where you’ll ask yourself “Hey, how did I get here?” But it won’t be SAME AS IT EVER WAS because each show is different! Our goal is to create as many weird worlds onstage that have weird micro-worlds within them, and this is our 11th show so we feel like you’ve seen some stuff, and now you’ll see some more! We think it’s great stuff and we think that you’ll agree, but hey- we don’t want to sound cocky OR put words in your mouth like that clown head with dead shark eyes.

How is this show different than other Goat Rodeo shows?
I mean, we’re all one entity now, so that’s something! Alright- we’ll give ONE THING away…there are multiple references to modes of transportation in this show! If you’ve come to expect anything from a Goat Rodeo show, it’ll definitely be in this one. All new sketches of course, but lots of the standard Goat Rodeo Goodness, which is a phrase we’ll copyright right after we perform this show!


You have four chances to see “Pet Me”
Thursday June 22nd at 8:30pm!
Friday June 23rd at 8:30pm!
Thursday June 29th at 8:30pm!
Friday June 30th at 8:30pm!

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Nick Gillette presents “Demon Magick Seminar”

Join life coach and part-time demonologist Nick Gillette for a 50-minute course on getting yourself out of debt, achieving you dream goals, and compacting with demons summoned according to the exact instructions of the 17th Century grimoire Clavicula Salomonis Regis and/or the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition handbook. This theatrical storytelling performance art summoning ritual, called Demon Magick Seminar, will run on PHIT Comedy’s Mainstage on June 22nd-23rd.

Nick Gillette is a physical theatre artist, a co-­founder of Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, and an instructor at the Philly Improv Theater. He is a graduate of the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, a 2014 New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks resident artist, a 2016 Colgate University Christian A. Johnson resident artist, and currently a resident artist at the Philadelphia School for Circus Arts. With Almanac, he has collaborated to devise and perform Communitas (2014), Nightfall (2014), The Fleecing (2015), Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes (2015), and Exile2588, to premiere in the 2016 Fringe Arts Festival. He has performed with Cabaret Red Light, BRAT Productions, Groundswell Players (now Lighting Rod Special), Pig Iron Theatre Co., Alex Bechtel, and the Philly Improv Theater.

Nick says that he has always felt curious about the occult, even if he approaches his investigations skeptically. As a storyteller, he won’t shy away from delving into what he has discovered. He says, “Demon Magick Seminar is about storytelling being stronger than reality. It’s about ghost hunters and UFO cults and ‘prosperity gospel’ preachers. It’s about the rules of Dungeons and Dragons and collaborative fantasy. It’s about me as an ardent atheist coming up against a real desire for magic, any magic, to be real, with all the consequences of living in this humbling reality.”

One big difference between this show and other performances of Nick Gillette’s? He’ll be playing himself! He says, “Most shows I can hide behind the mask of character. But with DMS, the mask is off, the truth as I see it comes out, and that feels like an exciting risk.”

Upon arriving to PHIT for Demon Magick Seminar, audiences can expect to power down their cell phones, label them with a sticky note with their name, and place them in a Faraday cage to contain any electromagnetic radiation. According to Nick, “This is absolutely necessary for the proper conditions of the operation.”

Get tickets for Thursday here or get your tickets for Friday here!

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