Launch Pad


Launch Pad is an opportunity for local independent improv teams apply for and participate in a three month intensive development, coaching, and performance period with Philly Improv Theater (PHIT). The first month involves meetings with PHIT’s artistic staff to determine the teams’ artistic goals during the rest of their participation, basic business and marketing training for improv teams. During the second and third months teams work with a coach selected by PHIT’s artistic staff based on their stated artistic goals on a weekly basis to improve as a team and as individual players in the areas they identified (these rehearsals may be in addition to work they continue to do with a coach they already have outside of Launch Pad). In the third month the team also performs at the theater on a weekly basis – opening the 7:30 p.m. Wednesday block of PHIT’s House Team Harold Night.

All independent improv teams are welcome to apply. Teams interested in being selected to participate complete a short online application (below) and receive a decision on their submission within two weeks. Individual team members should have an intermediate knowledge of improv comedy. Teams need to be available for midday rehearsals on either Saturday or Sunday during the second and third months, and a run of shows on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. in the third month of their Launch Pad experience. Teams who cannot meet these requirements are encouraged to apply in the future if their availability changes. Launch Pad is booked on a rolling basis, so applying well in advance of your desired run is encouraged.

For more information interested individuals or teams can read the full Launch Pad Guide.

Please use our online Application for Launch Pad!


August 2016 – Hotline
September 2016 – Kilimanjaro
October 2016 – TBA

September 2014 – Bad Kitten
October 2014 – Office Hours
November 2014 – Witch Academy
December 2014 – Don’t Sass Me, Florence!
January 2015 – Bishpelldah
February 2015 – The Sardines
March 2015 – Warm Town
April 2015 – Where the Trees Are
September 2015 – Kevin
October 2015 – Loveseat
November 2015 – No Ghosts
December 2015 – RoboBro
January 2016 – Rage Friends
February 2016 – Seven Pounds of Shame
March 2016 – Lovers of Books
April 2016 – Fresca
May 2016 – HulaFish
June 2016 – Toothbrush Money
July 2016 – Daddy Bulldog