Classroom Rules for Students

Students in PHIT’s Grades 2-3 Beginner Improv Skills Class (Photo Credit: Tom Lovelund)

One of the most important factors to ensuring a safe, supportive and fun learning environment is clear and consistent rules. The entire faculty at PHIT Kids & Teens follow the same simple set of four rules, which are designed to create an environment where students and staff as given and expected to return respect for each other. Every teacher and assistant in the PHIT Kids & Teens program has agreed to a standard application of the rules and has access to individual behavior records which they can complete for students if issues arise during a class. Particularly troublesome students may end up removed from the remainder of a class, during which time they will have an opportunity to talk with the PHIT Kids & Teens Coordinator in our office and wait for their parent or guardian to pick them up.

PHIT Kids & Teens Classroom Rules