Program Overview

PHIT Comedy is committed to providing age-appropriate creative dramatics and improvisation classes for our students, from kindergarten through grade 12. We believe in the power of imagination and young people’s innate sense of play, and are dedicated to helping our students discover, channel and grow their creative potential.

Students in our Grades 4-5 improv class. (Photo Credit: Tom Lovelund)

While improvisation is best known as a form of entertainment, the basic tenants of improv also teach a creative process that develops skills including support, engagement, trust and kindness. Our instructors create safe, inclusive classrooms where students can comfortably discover their creative gifts, hone team skills and develop their most expressive selves. Our classrooms echo with laughter and the joy of learning. Whether students are looking to take their first, tentative steps into the world of performing, hope to develop already existing skills and reach a new level, or are simply seeking a place to form new friendships, PHIT’s Kids & Teens program has something for everyone.

Students in our high school class enjoying a laugh. (Photo Credit: Sam Abrams Photography)