Kid-Friendly Shows

Finders Keepers: A Family-Friendly Improv Show

PHIT Comedy is proud to bring  Finders Keepers to the Second Stage every Saturday afternoon at 12:00pm. Finders Keepers is Philadelphia’s only regularly performing long-form improv show designed specifically for kids and their families.

The cast is comprised of some of Philly’s most talented, playful, young-at-heart improvisers, who captivate our audiences with their interactive performances. Students in our Kids & Teens training center have the added bonus of seeing some of their very own teachers performing onstage!

Finders Keepers runs approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for all ages. We encourage caregivers to take into consideration the length of the performance when deciding if it is best geared to their children’s attention spans.

The cast of Finders Keepers during a show! (Photo Credit: Sam Abrams Photography)


Adult Improv and Sketch Shows

Parents are welcome to determine whether or not they feel comfortable bringing their high school (or middle-school) aged children to our evening performances with the understanding that our fully-improvised performances can be anywhere from PG-13 to strong R rated and may contain foul language, improvised violence or sexual material. For sketch and variety shows, parents who are curious about the content of a performance are encouraged to call the theater with questions before attending. PHIT places no age restrictions on who can attend a performance, but generally recommends children be 16 years or older.