Program Overview

Philly Improv Theater is committed to growing the next generation of great comedic performers. Our stage and classroom are open to all, from the smallest of aspiring comedians to high schoolers hoping to prepare for our adult classes and beyond. Our Kids & Teens classes create a safe and inclusive space for young people to develop their innate curiosity, creativity and ability to work to with others. Our professionally-trained instructors — many of whom are current or former full-time K-12 educators and PHIT company members— are focused on each student’s success as a comedian and a person. While improvisation is best known as a form of entertainment, the basic tenants of improv also teach a creative process that develops skills including support, engagement, trust and kindness. The lessons taught in our classrooms don’t just make your children smarter, sillier performers – they also provide tools they can use in everyday life to be friendlier and more social. Whether students are looking to take their first, tentative steps into the world of performing, hope to develop already existing skills and reach a new level, or are simply seeking a place to form new friendships, PHIT’s Kids & Teens program has something for everyone.