College & University Student Internships

Students who are enrolled in a degree granting college or university program are eligible to apply for Winter/Spring (January through April), Summer (May through August) or Fall (Sepember through December) internship experiences with the Philly Improv Theater on an unpaid or college/university credit basis. PHIT is always on the look-out for energetic, highly-motivated interns who are ready to work hard to further the growth of the comedy scene in Philadelphia by helping the theater with general administrative tasks while also focusing on a specific area of interest like:

  • Business (accounting, projections/budgeting, business planning, new business development)
  • Public Relations & Marketing (drafting releases, creating media lists, general PR support)
  • Graphic Design & Marketing (graphic design work, copywriting, website work, street team)
  • Marketing (copywriting, graphic design work, campus outreach, distribution)
  • Production (includes assisting at the theater in the evening during weeks PHIT has shows)
  • Social media (updating PHIT’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and helping assemble our email newsletters)
  • Multimedia (download, encode, edit, and distribute film and/or audio of all the shows at PHIT)

Potential PHIT interns submit a one-page application via email, fax, or mail after which they may be selected for a phone or in person interview (depending on their distance from Philadelphia) and may eventually be offered an internship. Successful intership applicants:

  • Have a genuine interest in arts administration and comedy
  • Have been involved in a theatre production (not necessarily a comedy) in any capacity: production, stage management, marketing, advertising, direction, musical direction, writer, performer, etc.
  • Have the ability to work independently and accomplish significant amounts of work in a short time period
  • Computer proficiency with Google Docs, TweetDeck (for social media interns), and Adobe Creative Suite (for marketing and video editing interns)
  • Have a combination of 2-3 mornings or afternoons free each week for office internships (or 2-3 evenings free for production internships)
  • Are generally easygoing and happily spend time in close quarters with others in our tiny office!

Internship hours are scheduled between 10am- 6pm Monday through Friday. Interns are expected to work 2-3 half-days per week on a set schedule.

If you are interested, please download the application, complete and return it in one of the following ways:

  • Email to: (please put “Intern Application” in your subject line).
  • Mail to: Philly Improv Theater (PHIT), ATTN: Intern Application, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Due to the intense interest in internships we will not be able to take phone calls related to the program, but we are happy to answer questions sent via email to