Sue Jahani (instructor)

Sue Jahani is an instructor in the PHIT Kids & Teens program, where she teaches the Grades 4-5 Intermediate Improv Skills course. Sue began improvising in 2011 and was quickly cast on PHIT House Team, Hot Dish, directed by Steve Kleinedler. Once Hot Dish retired, Sue joined Dynamite Series’ “Page One”, and became a teacher with the PHIT Kids Program. In addition, Sue has performed in Story Up Children’s Workshops, Troika, and PHIT’s special presentation of “The Bat”. Sue has studied with such improv luminaries as Michael Delaney, Christina Gausus, Brian O’Connell, and Zach Ward. She has also performed in improv festivals in Washington D.C. (D.C. Improv-A-Palooza), Philadelphia (Philly Fringe Fest, PHIF), NYC (Del Close Marathon), and North Carolina (NCCAF). When Sue isn’t improvising or teaching improv to the children, you can find her teaching 5th grade at a local school district (which she has been doing for eight years) or smothering her small family with love.