Michael Delaney (instructor)

Michael Delaney has been acting, writing and directing comedy in NYC for 20 years. He has taught at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre since 1999 in improv and sketch comedy writing, and is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s film department. He is a founding member of The Swarm, The Stepfathers, and Delaney & Dave who won the 2006 Nightlife Award for best comedy group. Acting credits include The Other Guys, Big Lake, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Will Ferrell’s “You’re Welcome America – A Final Night With George W. Bush” on Broadway, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Important Things With Demitri Martin, ONN, The Onion Movie, SNL and Human Giant. Michael has directed countless improvised and scripted shows including Naked Babies, Respecto, and Casey Wilson & June Rafael’s “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet” for the United States Comedy Arts Festival (USCAF) in Aspen. Michael has written for The Onion News Network and was head writer for The Edge.