Jessica Snow (instructor)

Jessica Snow is a member of PHIT House Team Codename: WESTMARCH. She also performs with Mother Truckers and is a founding member of Philadelphia’s short-form group The N Crowd. In the past Jessica performed with Activity Book (a PHIT House Team), INDUSTRIAL (the Philadelphia long-form powerhouse) and Brenda (the Philadelphia long-form house party). Jessica started improvising in high school. She was captain of a short-form group in college, where she also performed in a Commedia Dell’Arte ensemble.

Jessica has received improv training through Philadelphia Improv Theater, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (NYC) and instructors including Betsy Stover, Asaf Ronen, Keith Johnstone, Ari Voukydis, Jeff Griggs, Douglas Sarine, Seth Morris, Billy Merritt, Chris Gethard, Eliza Skinner, Kevin McDonald, Karen Wight, Dave Warick, Jill Bernard, Alexis Simpson, Kelly Jennings, Ed Nevraumont and Scott Greer.

The only things Jessica loves more than improv are beer and tequila, but she doesn’t have a drinking problem. She does have an improv addiction. She is also addicted to Frisbee, Arrested Development on DVD and her bed.