Elana Fishbein (instructor)

Elana Fishbein is a performer and instructor at the Magnet Theater. She can be seen improvising with Featherweight, Kiss Punch Poem, the Armando Diaz Experience, the Magnet Theater Touring Company, and her solo improv show, Pepita. Elana writes and performs “movies for your ears” with the award-winning podcast, The Truth. She is also member of Story Pirates, a non-profit arts-in-education organization that takes stories written by kids and adapts them into sketches and songs. Elana hold Master’s degree in Educational Theater from NYU and has taught improv in places spanning the globe, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Her favorite succulent is jade. For more information visit www.elanafishbein.com.

What students say about Elana:
“Our improv troupe had been struggling with the same things for months, within three hours Elana was able to help fix these issues as well as bring us closer together as a group of people. Her joy and honesty was infectious and helped us reach those rare magical improv moments multiple times over. I still have a smile on my face from working with her. If she was teaching a workshop on lighting each other on fire, I’d gladly take it and then invite all my friends to do the same.” -Harris Gordon (Student, Vassar College)