Bill McLaughlin (instructor)

Bill McLaughlin studied and worked with Del Close in Chicago and performed in Del’s early Long Form experiment, “Del Close’s Farewell Salute to Chicago” (March, 1978), in which audiences were introduced to the one word story, conducted story, multiple-personality scenes, three scenes on a theme, the open ended spot and what would now be called an old school Harold . Bill went to be a co-founder of The Chicago City Limits, New York’s longest running comedy revue, and New York’s First Amendment Improv Company, one of the first improvisational companies to perform at the Edinburgh Festival including a live improv performance on BBC Radio. He has conducted classes in New York and Philadelphia over the past 25 years. His former students have gone on to perform at UCB East and West, New York’s Magnet Theatre, Philly Improv (including last summer’s Slapdash standouts, Safe Weird), and the Xiamen, China Improv Company.