February 2014 Letting The Character Do the Work with Bill McLaughlin

BillMcLaughlin_smallLetting The Character Do The Work: This long form workshop will focus on finding the game within the game through strength of character. Without the safety net of gimmicks found in short form, long form emphasizes truth in behavioral choices regardless of situation with the game and patterns of the scene springing from the nature of human interaction. This workshop will use structures developed by Del Close of Chicago to help improvisers avoid writing on their feet and instead allow the characters to create the scene, or, “do the work for them.”

Dates: 2/23/2014
Times: 12pm-3pm
Location: The Philly Improv Theater, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (get map)

Instructor: Bill McLaughlin
What Students Say About Bill: “Bill will show you that funny, fascinating scenes can emerge naturally, through characters having different perspectives on the same events. I learned from him that the soul of entertaining improv is interesting, authentically portrayed, idiosyncratic people.” — “If you need a reason to slow down and smell the roses in scenes, Bill will remind you why you don’t need to rush, as well as just how rich a world you can create by simply listening and building from each other’s characters.” — “One of the things that I loved about Bill’s workshop was that he quickly created a sense of ease and trust among the group.”

Cost: $35
Pre-requisites: PHIT Improv 201 or permission of Education Director

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