April 2013 What Are You Laughing At? Improv Workshop with Zach Ward

ZachWard_color(small) What Are You Laughing At?: For some people improv is WHAT we do. But what do I do? I perform comedy. Improv is just HOW I do it. If you bill yourself as a comedy group or even just an improviser who wants to consistently make people laugh it’s important to understand WHY we laugh at things? What are the keys to comedy? What about our scenes are funny? How do we process our choices in real time WHILE we’re performing the scene and continue to be invested AT THE SAME TIME? My class breaks down scenes and character options so that every new word, every look, every gesture and every reaction from the crowd can AND WILL shape your next move… so EVERY two-person scene you perform is the funniest it can possibly be.

Date: Saturday, 4/6/2013
Time: 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: The Shubin Theatre 407 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (get map)

Instructor: Zach Ward (bio)
What Students Say About Zach
: “It sure is cool that he’s visiting!”

Cost: $50
Pre-requisites: PHIT Improv 101 or equivalent (with advance approval of the Education Director)

After payment processing, you will be forwarded to PHIT’s registration form. All major credit cards, electronic check or PayPal account accepted. No Registration required. Your privacy is important to us.