Get Involved

There are as many ways to get involved at PHIT as there are different kinds of people! Whether you want to be the next WitOut Award for Philadelphia comedy winner for best improviser, have a desire to host your own show or be part of an ensemble, are looking to volunteer behind the scenes, or just want to learn about comedy with a community of fun, like-minded people this page will hopefully set you on the path to becoming part of the amazing comedy theater experience that is Philly Improv Theater in just a few clicks!


First things first… what do you want to do?


I want to see what PHIT is all about and I don’t have a penny to spend…

Come see our Super Free Sunday shows, sign-up for a Free Intro to Improv workshop, or check to see if you qualify for scholarships through our Diversity Program!

Sunday evening shows are completely free each and every week. 7:00 p.m. features instructors from our Training Center playing with current students in The Deans List. 8:30 p.m. highlights members of our house teams playing in Dentention. Both shows open with fun local “indie” teams – made up of graduates and current students from the Training Center who have created their own comedy acts.

PHIT Comedy’s Training Center offers multiple Free Intro to Improv and Free Intro to Sketch workshops each month on varied days and times that allow you come spend two hours with an instructor who will take you through a set of fun improv exercises and games that will leave you with a clear sense of our approach to teaching comedy and help you decide if you want to commit to a full class.

If you’re broke and you are a woman, person of color, member of the LGBTQ community, differently-abled, or a veteran you would also probably be interested in our Diversity Program (which includes scholarships for free tuition for our classes, given out 5 times a year).

I want to catch the best comedy in Philadelphia on any given night of the week… 

Come enjoy any of our one dozen plus shows each and every week of the year! You’ll want to head on over to our Calendar page and see what’s on, then click through to the show titles that interest you and hit the “Buy Now” buttons on individual show pages to reserve and pay for advance tickets (which save a few bucks over the door price of shows).

I want to learn how to write and/or perform comedy… 

Sign up to take an improv, sketch, or stand-up comedy class in one of our five Training Center sessions throughout the year! There is no better way to learn how to improvise, get started writing sketches, or work on developing your voice as a stand-up than taking a class, and there is no better place in Philadelphia to do it than at Philly Improv Theater. We have trained thousands of students since we first opened our doors, many of whom have gone on to success in major comedy markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

I want to help behind the scenes at the theater, helping out with shows or assisting in the office… 

Join our army of volunteers, our crack team of tech operators, or our elite intern unit! Anyone with a technical interest in contributing to our live shows can train and be added to our list of tech operators. Students at the PHIT Training Center who have completed a 101 comedy course are eligible to volunteer on show nights in our box office, as ushers, or in backstage capacities – or to work shifts in PHIT’s office during regular business hours each week. College students seeking credit granting unpaid internships can enjoy a more in-depth experience with the business and artistic aspects of  PHIT during fall, spring, and summer internship opportunities.

I want to perform on the PHIT Comedy stage and I’m not part of any group at the moment…

Come to one of our free weekly Improv Jam or Sketch Up or Shut Up (our free monthly sketch comedy open mic)!

You could also consider coming to Frankenstein (every 2nd and 4th Friday at 7:30 p.m., check the Calendar for exact dates) – if you have a few friends and a crazy idea for an improv show you just turn up and drop the idea and people involved in a pot from the time the house opens until the show starts… then hope hosts pick your idea to be performed on the spot in the middle of the show.

Last, but certainly not least, you could sign up to participate in Up All Night – a monthly improv to sketch comedy writing experience, where random members of the PHIT community who are taking sketch classes or interested in writing sketch are assembled into a team and work with a mentor to create sketch comedy showcase in just 24-hours. Up All Night takes place the first Friday of each month.

I have an established sketch show or improv group that wants to perform on a booked show at the theater and experience the fame and glory that comes with such an opportunity…

Sketch acts should contact PHIT’s Sketch Producer to discuss upcoming performance opportunities. Sketch acts are generally booked 60-90 days in advance, sometimes further if their script is still being worked on (or hasn’t been begun!). If you are a newer act just looking for a little bit of stage time, we’d encourage you to ask about appearing on The Theme Show – where acts only write and perform a single sketch!

Improv groups can contact PHIT’s Improv Producer for a one-time performance. Improv groups in Philadelphia that exist independently from the theater have set performance times each and every week of the year on Sunday evenings and these times are filled at the Improv Producer’s discretion, usually 60-90 days in advance. If you are looking for a show sooner you could consider asking to be booked for a shorter (15 minute) set on Frankenstein.

You could also submit your team to our intensive development program, Launch Pad, for a three-month series of meetings and rehearsals with PHIT staff covering business advice, artistic direction and weekly performance experience to help you reach a new level of comedic success!

I want to be cast on a PHIT improv house team and perform at the theater every week or sketch house team and write/act in several sketch runs each year…

Auditions are held for our improv house teams twice a year (in the spring and fall) for any interested performers who have completed PHIT’s Improv 201 course – or an equivalent course elsewhere which meets with the approval of the Improv Producer. Typically we have 100+ auditioners, invite 30-35 people to a callback audition and cast 16-18 performers. Every auditioner has the option of receiving feedback on their audition, whether or not they are ultimately cast. Many current house team members auditioned multiple times over a period of years before eventually being cast on a team. New performers are only added to improv house teams during these set audition periods.

Sketch teams have two separate audition processes. For writers there is an annual writers packet submission – a period of several weeks during the summer, at which time prospective house sketch team writers can send a packet of no more than 15 pages total containing  a cover letter, three sketches, and page of “pitches” (one sentence ideas for future sketch writing). All packets have identifying information removed from them and are read by members of the artistic staff at the theater who cast writers to create new teams as the need arises throughout the year. Packets submitted during this process are kept on file to be used to find new writers for existing teams in need of fresh talent until the next submission period. For actors, auditions are held at the end of the summer and consist of 5-minutes of material prepared by the auditioner which can be anything they want to do, show, or demostrate to the audition panel – followed by a reading of sides (script excerpts) from past or upcoming sketch shows at the theater. Actor auditions are taped and used to cast comedic performers for new teams, as well as to add performers to existing teams throughout the year. All taped auditions are kept on file until the following year’s actors auditions are announced. Actors and performers audition separately, no writers are guaranteed a spot as actors and no actors are automatically given an opportunity to write for a sketch team, although as teams mature more veteran members of teams do tend to assume both roles eventually.

I have this great idea for a show that isn’t easily defined as sketch or improv, it’s really more just wacky alternative comedy…

Great! You want to contact our Variety Producer about this by filling out our Variety Show Pitch Form. We accept show pitches year-round and submissions will receive a response within two weeks. Some shows we pass on, some shows we work with you to develop further, and others we let you know will be kept on file in case we have additional openings in our calendar that would accommodate them. Due to the limited amount of stage time available at the theater, we may like your idea but need to wait a little while to put it up on stage.