Training Center

PHIT has taught improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy classes to thousands of everyday people since its opening in 2005 and we want to teach you next! Improv isn’t just for actors – the skills you learn in an improv class can be translated to all aspects of your life. Whether you’re dead set on being the next star of SNL or just want to get out of your shell, our classes will fit your needs. Our teaching staff have decades of experience and all perform regularly at the theater, around Philadelphia, and across the country. But they’re also teachers, consultants, therapists, and actors who tailor class to the needs you have or what you desire to get out of your time at PHIT.

If you’d like to start looking for classes, vist our ENROLL NOW page or search through classes separated by discipline and get more information on the programs, click one of the following: Improv Classes, Sketch Writing Classes, Stand-up Classes. If you’d like you can also read through our list of frequently asked questions about classes.


Our core improv curriculum has four levels and will keep you entertained for 8 weeks at a time. It’s a great place to start. If you’ve got more experience and less time, our workshops meet for one afternoon and study specific improv principles.


PHIT’s sketch curriculum also has multiple levels that will take you from novice, to collaborative writer, and writer/performer and it’s a natural place for people who are less interested in performing initially or who have previous writing experience and are looking to add comedy tools to their work. We also have master classes and workshops with top writers and sketch comedians from across the country on a regular basis.

Students in PHIT’s core classes receive amazing perks like:

  • A Student Pass that gets you into all shows at PHIT for FREE!
  • Access to improv practice groups that double your improv training time for FREE!
  • A graduation show you can invite friends, family and even strangers to see!
  • The chance to study with multiple instructors within a session!
  • Opportunities to perform as soon as your first week in class!
  • Access to exclusive PHIT workshops and electives.
  • Lots and lots of new friends! (Individual results may vary).

Still have questions? Email us: