PHIT presents: 3 Non-Threatening Males w Marty Topps, Tim Gilbert, and James Hartnett

Friday, September 5, 2014, 9:00 PM


Three of Toronto’s nicest comedians have come together to provide you with a safe space to ingest their comedy.

James Hartnett is a Canadian Comedy Award-winning comedian who has been featured on JFL42 and HBO’s Funny as Hell. He is also a member of the renowned Laugh Sabbath comedy collective. James loves a glass of red wine and a nice, quiet book.

Tim Gilbert is a stand-up comedian who has been featured on MTV Canada and Just for Laughs. He is also a member of Laugh Sabbath and his debut comedy album is out this fall! Tim loves spending the night in and cuddling with his cat, Smokey.

Marty Topps is an award-winning musical comedian whose debut album, “A Loving Tribute to TapouT” was listed among the Top 5 Comedy Music Albums of the year by BiteTV. His live TapouT devotionals won him awards at both the Toronto and Montreal Sketch Comedy Festivals earlier this year. Marty loves just hanging out and talking about clothes.