DUOFEST: Toph and Joe’s Open Late + Listen, Kid!

Saturday, June 8, 2013, 11:02 PM

Duofest is back, and our fourth year promises to be the biggest yet. The best improv duos from around the country and the world will descend upon Philadelphia, PA from June 6th-9th, 2013. Over 4 days, we’ll present 30+ groups that have just 2 members.

Your buddies from the Happy Hour have gradually drifted away as twilight has turned from dusk to dark. You’re far too amped to go home and far too old to go dancing with the youngsters. What you need is a place to hang out with the other last-man-standing, have a beer and kick around the meanings of life. It takes some looking around, but you’ve finally found a chill place that’s Open Late.

Listen, you mugs! Show business is tough, see, but here’s two fellas that got the straight dope: Hollywood producer extraordinaire Irv Newberg and his bosom companion Charlie Tickertape. These two dapper dans are gonna show you the ins and outs of the movie biz, from signing your star to Oscar night, and everything in between. So sit back, grab yourself some hooch, and watch the sparks fly in a behind-the-scenes scorcher you’ll never forget!