DUOFEST: Dot & Mae + Virginia Jack

Thursday, June 6, 2013, 8:02 PM

Duofest is back, and our fourth year promises to be the biggest yet. The best improv duos from around the country and the world will descend upon Philadelphia, PA from June 6th-9th, 2013. Over 4 days, we’ll present 30+ groups that have just 2 members.

It’s 1947 and Dot and Mae are birds of a feather. Two working girls gallavanting their way through love, lust, professional obligation, joyful misunderstanding… and Psychiatric nursing. Combining polished theatricality and dynamic improvisation, Dot and Mae venture between the everyday world of Ward A and the fantastical delusions that consume the patients who live there. This dark, improvised-comedy features Regina’s own Lucy Hill and Judy Wensel, an ever-changing cast of characters, live musical accompaniment and stories that shift between the dark, the heartfelt and the hilarious.

A Virginia Jack show opens by betraying its characters; secrets are spilled and flaws exposed in the first few moments. A myriad of characters are co-created and shared by the two performers; their story is explored in a single narrative. Inspired by Amelie, gothic fairy tales, and pop culture, a Virginia Jack show is an unpredictable and exciting mix. With heartbreak comes revenge, with tea comes whiskey, and with PBS comes HBO. These tales unfold unexpectedly, as only they could when told by two fearless women who combine cynicism, smarts, and heart.