House of Solitude presents McNickel: The First Final Chapter

For two weekends only, catch House of Solitude’s latest sketch comedy show at PHIT! The show will run January 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th at 9:00 p.m. on our Second Stage.

House of Solitude presents the story of a man who was born to be a cop and will die fighting the rulebook. Alone in the world after the death of every person he loves, Rick McNickel throws himself into his work, using his keen eye and razor sharp intuition to hunt down a serial killer targeting the city’s comic strip artists. But will the rugged independence and jaded outlook that helped him excel as a force against crime also be his ultimate downfall? Shit if I know. It’s the gritty drama we’ve all been looking for in our sketch comedy. It is “McNickel: The First Final Chapter.”

This show is different from a typical sketch show in that it’s just one big hour-long sketch! It has beats within it, but it’s the same characters and overarching premise throughout. It also features the most props ever seen in a HoS show before, seven different wigs for one specific part of the show, anachronistic pants and dialogue, gun sound effects, and a “genius hardscrabble cop” who HoS is excited to release into the world.

We asked House of Solitude where they drew their inspiration for this show, and they told us: “McNickel is a character that has lived in Dan’s heart for so long. Caitlin also read a weird paperback last summer about a Private Investigator who just keep kissing people and drinking hard liquor and he ended up killing four people while on the case, but it was just undisputed in the world of this book that he was the best. A lot of that made it’s way into McNickel.”

Get your tickets now!

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