Hannah Trav presents “The Way I Remember It”

“You have to start being a good friend to yourself, Hannah” -Hannah’s mom, 2017.

Hannah Trav had a tough year so she wrote a comedy show about it. Set to the music of Bruno Mars, The Way I Remember It is a collection of standup comedy, sketches and videos detailing the events of April 2017 – November 2017 the way that Hannah Trav remembers them. Hannah brings the audience on her honest, intimate and funny journey as she tries to achieve her goals, interact with men who are not Bruno Mars and become friends with herself again.

TWO NIGHTS – 1/5/2018 and 1/6/2018, both at 9:00pm!

Hannah Trav as Hannah Trav
Jolie Darrow
Bill Reick
Sean Devaney Sullivan
Maddie McLennon

1/5: Kyle Harris as Bruno Mars.
1/6: Annie Paradis as Bruno Mars

Opening Act 1/5: Erin Dohony
Opening Act 1/6: Michael Kelly

Get tickets to Friday January 5th’s show here or for Saturday January 6th’s show here!

Read more about The Way I Remember It from our Q&A with Hannah Trav!

Q: Your show mixes stand-up, sketch, and video. Can you give us a little history of your work in each realm and how it was blending them together for this project? 
I’ve loved comedy in all its forms for my whole life. I learned video editing in college and started making sketch videos but my goal was always to get into standup. I tried standup in college but didn’t start consistently doing comedy until March 2014. I started dabbling in live sketch/character work last year. As far as blending these realms, I was booked to do a short sketch set and knew I wanted to incorporate my standup and talk about this insane year. I knew I wanted to use video and once I started writing the show it all came together.

The show moves quickly between the different mediums which parallels how my real brain works. I think jumping around to different mediums is a very accurate representation of the way I process information. I’m not very chill, but I get stuff done!

Q: What are your hopes and goals for 2018?
1. Do more comedy.
2. Get into law school
3. Get subtle gold highlights to disguise my prominent silver hairs.

Q: If you could have brunch with any celebrity, would it be Bruno Mars? 
No – Bruno Mars and I would have a wild night of dancing the night before and I would get brunch the next morning with my best friend Beyoncé to tell her all about it!

Q: Anything else you want the audience to know before they see you in TWIRI?
I would say it’s rated R. (R for Realness and also for some explicit content – I don’t hold back!)

All of the events in this show actually happened to me and even if we don’t know each other or if we know each other and you don’t like me, I think there is something here for you. This show is ultimately about trying to achieve goals in the face of unexpected challenges. I think that’s a pretty universal experience and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to tell my story. I hope it encourages people. I just genuinely want to share this experience with all of you.


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