Sean Conroy presents “The World’s Smallest Giant”

Come check out Sean Conroy’s stand-up show, “The World’s Smallest Giant” at PHIT Comedy on Saturday, December 9th at 10:30pm!

Acerbic, quick-witted comedian Sean Conroy is self-lacerating and constantly annoyed, but always manages to sneak in a healthy dose of silliness and joyful charm. Splitsider describes him as “intimidatingly smart, intimidatingly funny, and just plain intimidating.” Sean has performed stand-up on Conan and Comedy Central. He was a founding member of the first ever house team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, legendary improv group The Swarm, and has been a regular in UCB’s flagship show ASSSSCAT. He’s been a television writer for over a decade (Key & Peele, Crossballs, Dog Bites Man, Gentlemen Lobsters, Players, Love Inc.), most recently finishing up his third season as head writer of Adult Swim’s cult favorite Mr. Pickles. Check out his website at, follow his 2017 tour at, and follow him on IG and Twitter at @seanconroy.

Get tickets to The World’s Smallest Giant now!

If you’ve taken Improv 201, you’re eligible to learn from Sean! Click here to read more about his upcoming workshop, Finding the Game Of the Scene.

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