With Mirth And Laughter PREMIERE!

Catch the premiere of PHIT Comedy’s brand new show, With Mirth And Laughter: Improv In The Style Of Shakespeare, this Friday at 7:00 p.m.!

Let ye not miss this, a debut show
Come to the stage to see a brand new tale
On second stage, yay, not the one below
On tides of laughter our tale shall set sail
What willst thou see? What kind of fun be had?
None can know save for the eternal muse
That speaks in players ears, for good or bad
Will made up heroes win, or will they lose?
Bring with ye hence suggestions from thy mind
And help a tale ‘fore thine eyes be woven
With inspiration of so rich a kind
You’ll see how rich thou art for having chosen
To spend the eve here: With Mirth and Laughter!
Purchase thy tickets soon, aye, do it faster!

With Mirth & Laughter is an improvised show presented in the style of Shakespeare, directed by Steve Kleinedler. In 2005, Steve directed a similar show, The Robert Cycle, at Improv Boston and has since taught workshops on performing this style in several cities from Chicago to San Juan.

The cast is Sam Abrams, Rob Alesiani, Adam Cooper, Katie Cwirko, Ashley Fee, Noah Levine, Jack Presby, Rachel Semigran, Jessica Snow, Joe Tuzzi, Leticia Viloria, and Melissa Widhson.

Get your tickets for the premiere now!

Here are some quotes from the cast, director, and fans explaining why they’re so excited for With Mirth and Laughter’s premiere and why you should be, too!

“I enjoy helping performers find the natural rhythm of the language they speak to create worlds that echo those of Shakespeare’s plays.” Steve is excited for the audiences of Philadelphia to see With Mirth & Laughter during it’s run at PHIT.” – Steve Kleinedler

“This cast is stellar and we hope to make the woman who actually wrote everything credited to Shakespeare proud” – Rob Alesiani

“No matter the scale of the stage or the production, as a performer or audience member, there is something timelessly special about bringing Shakespeare’s words to life.” -Rachel Semigran

“This show has been the single hardest yet most rewarding experience of my improv life. I can’t overstate how excited I am for the debut of With Mirth and Laughter” -Joe Tuzzi

“My brain has been stretched in so many different directions! The creativity involved in this production is incredible. I can’t wait for people to see it! ” – Leticia Viloria

“My goal was to make Joe cry, and I’m so close.” – Steve Kleinedler

“I have been waiting to see something like this on the Philly stage for a while. Excited to see what this talented cast does with the Bard as inspiration” – Kristen Schier

“Finally, FINALLY my improv and classical theater nerdery get to meet face-to-face.” -Rachel Semigran

“It’s the only time I can get Noah Levine to hold hands with me” -Ashley Fee

“This is something different than anything I’ve seen at PHIT before. I know if my mother came to see the show she would have to ask whether or not we made it all up on the spot.” – Noah Levine

“To see, or not to see, that is the question. The answer of course is to see With Mirth and Laughter, ya goof.” – William Shakespeare

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