The Neighborhood featuring Bad Kitten’s Final Show

The Neighborhood is a fully immersive improv experience where everyone is invited to join in a discussion about what’s going on in our town. Each show has a guest improv group and is closed out with Neighborhood Watch. There will probably be doughnuts too, so stop on by.

Tonight’s show will feature the finale of improv team Bad Kitten.

Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography

Bad Kitten is Sam Abrams, Neil Bardhan, Ryan Birchmeier, Steve Holland, Megan Holland, Dan Reed, and Lauren Rivera. Forming in a PHIT Improv 101 in January 2014, Bad Kitten has seen each other through weddings, babies, and a lot of onstage frolicking. PHIT selected Bad Kitten as the first Launch Pad team in October 2014. The team has played the Del Close Marathon, the District Improv Festival, and at venues all over Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s comedy community voted to award the 2015 Witout Special Achievement in the Field of Tweeting award to them. They’re known for extremely physical, energetic improv with bold characters and catastrophic stories, and they’ll knock your socks off one more time on Monday, 11/20 at PHIT Comedy.

Get tickets to tonight’s show now!

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