Sweetish’s Farewell Show

After 3 1/2 years of puppets, puns, and live “movie magic,” Sweetish is coming to an end. 

Grouped randomly in 2014 for a live sketch comedy game show, Julia Hudson, Bobby Lang, Maura Pennington, Erik Sojka, and Brian Craig continued to meet every week, bonding over pop culture, hot goss, and fine Italian dining, and continued to perform on a regular basis.  After two members moved to the other side of the country, Sweetish carried on, having cross-continental writing/goss sessions over Skype. However, as life obligations and other projects started to pile up, Sweetish decided that, rather than fizzling out like so many sketch groups before them, they would bring it all back home with one last celebratory run of shows.  

“Fully Accredited” puts an exclamation point at the end of the sentence, a compendium of 3 1/2 years: partly greatest hits, partly a reflection on how they’ve changed and grown, both individually and as a makeshift family unit, and partly a series of lame dad-jokes!

Hosted by Brian Kelly.

Sweetish’s final shows will be Friday November 17th and Saturday November 18th at 9pm. Get your tickets now!

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