Asian Gracefully: A One-(CHINA)Man Show by Woody Fu

Woody Fu spent 21 years as an honorary Jew and over 10 years as a neurotic New Yorker. Only recently has he realized he is Asian and has emotions. Join him on this special night as he finally becomes a man. L’Chaim!

Asian Gracefully is a scripted one-man show about growing up not white. It tackles such hilarious topics as Asian-American diaspora, internecine racism, and how the straight Asian male is the most marginalized group on PornHub. Using the personal to explore the universal, Asian Gracefully pokes fun at hoarders, Chinglish, and Koreans who for some reason put eggs on all their food.

The show has been performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade, People’s Improv Theater, Magnet Theater, and the Annoyance in New York City; the Torch Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona; at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, Texas.

Woody will be teaching a musical improv scenework workshop on Saturday, November 11th at 12pm. Check it out here!

Woody Fu is a comedic writer and actor. He has performed all around New York and at the world-famous Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam. He is personally responsible for perpetuating the hoax of global warming.

Friday, November 10th @ 9pm

Saturday, November 11th @ 9pm

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