Nick Gillette’s Demon Magick Seminar Returns to PHIT!

Demon Magick Seminar returns from a successful premiere in the 2017 Solowfest, just in time for Halloween. Storyteller and acrobat Nick Gillette weaves a braid of gripping tales from the edge of reason. Drawing on personal experience with ghost hunting, UFO cults, and conspiracy theorists, Gillette identifies the enduring beliefs that reason can’t seem to dispel. Reaching deep into the history of Magic, he uncovers clues as to why our culture craves stories of the uncanny, and why there will always be someone eager to tell them.The show combines theater and dance to expound upon a cluster of themes, including the power of storytelling over reality, the desire for experience beyond the material world, and the tragic state of fraudulence and delusion in those who claim authority over truth.This one man show culminates in an experiment with no control: what happens when you follow the exact instructions to summon a demon as written in the 17th century grimoire Clavicula Solomonis Regis?


You have three chances to catch Demon Magick Seminar:

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