Goat Rodeo presents “Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo”

Join PHIT Comedy sketch house team Goat Rodeo as they present a brand new scripted comedy show! PHIT sketch shows have now moved to Friday and Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the Second Stage, and Goat Rodeo is the first team to do so!

A message from Goat Rodeo:
“Howdy there my little Cowboys, Cowgirls and Cowpeople (for any of you PC-minded folk out there.) It’s me, your ol’ pal Mr. Goaterson! The rooty-toot-tootin’est, six-gun-shootin’est, children’s-daytime-TV-show-hostin’est cowpoke in the West (on the East coast.) You know, it’s always a beautiful day in the Goaterhood, and you’re invited to join me, Mr. Goaterson, at my rodeo: Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo! Well, shucks, there may be dirt on the ground, but I can guarantee that Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo is a great place for the little’uns to learn about kid-friendly* lessons like the importance of book learnin’ at school, earnin’ your keep, and proper bedtime rituals! So, hold on to your caboose, Cowpeople, and mosey on over to PHIT Theater to see me, my pal William the Goat, and my sketch comedy friends, Goat Rodeo who are fixin’ to bring you a show that will, by hook or crook, leave you laughin’- and all you have to do is be there to see it! If you ask me, that sounds like a fair shake. And heck, as if you needed more reason to go, the PHIT is BYOB in case any of you city slickers wanna wet your whistle before, during or after the show. Just be sure to bring a little bit extra for Ol’ Mr. Goaterson, ya hear?)”

Get your tickets to Goat Rodeo’s final two performances of “Mr. Goaterson’s Rodeo” below!
Friday October 6th at 9:00 p.m.
Saturday October 7th at 9:00 p.m.

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