Announcing the Directors of Our Upcoming Improv House Teams!

It was announced last week that on November 11th, 2017 PHIT will be holding auditions for its newest improv teams. These teams will be performing weekly on Wednesday nights from January through June of 2018. At this time we are excited to announce the directors of these two new teams!

Robyn has been performing improv at PHIT for several years. In years past you might have seen her with 1816, but these days you can see her performing with PHIT House Team Dutch as well as monthly in Page One and Aretha’s Hat. Robyn has always been an encouraging and warm presence at PHIT. She has such a watchable presence on stage and I think she is capable of translating that honesty to a new cast as a director. She brings a depth of experience as a performer and a coach that I know will serve the team she works with very well.

I’m a sucker for a good Harold, so I’m very much excited to put together a team to focus their energy solely on this form with a more organic focus. I’m interested in making up a team of people who are kind to each other on and off the stage, people who are excited to learn and make mistakes, and most importantly people who are ready to build something great together. ~ Robyn

Marcely is a former member of PHIT House Team Swan Year. He recently completed a second run of Family Business at PHIT with his all POC team, American Express. You can see Marcely most Saturdays on new PHIT House Team Dutch. The only thing bigger than Marcely’s smile is his heart. Watching Marcely as a performer is a lesson in generosity, support, and playfulness. His talent and experience are a great combination for shaping an exciting new team at PHIT.

I’m actually really looking forward to the audition process, even though I know it makes for a very long couple of days.. I’ve had the pleasure of being on several teams comprised of very silly, fun folk who aren’t afraid to make big choices and love making each other look good. I would love to have a team with a similar vibe. ~ Marcely

Congrats to Marcely and Robyn! We are looking very forward to the teams these two fantastic performers are going to put together. If you are interested in auditioning for these teams you can click here for more information. If you don’t audition for a house team now you’ll be waiting until Spring of 2018!

Kristen Schier
Improv Producer

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