This past weekend PHIT held auditions for two new shows to debut in November- Oculum directed by Molly Scullion and Not Yet Rated the Improvised Movie directed by Mike Marbach. There was nearly one hundred performers seen throughout auditions. With every audition we hold the pool gets stronger and decisions get more difficult. After several days of tossing and turning we are pleased announce the casts for these new shows!

Oculum explores relationships, physicality and time through improv comedy. We will use improv and movement to embody the thoughts, feelings and ideas constantly running through our head. We will combine both grounded, relationship-driven scene work and the silliest fun in physicality to create an hour long improvised show. Oculum is inspired by a form created by Laura Doorneweerd (Amsterdam).

Yvonne Anderson
Scott Campbell
Wilfredo Diaz
Kate Fruhman
Bobby Hayes
Cindy Heffron
Susan LaPalombara
Kayleigh Liggitt
Annie Paradis
Jon Plester

Directed by Molly Scullion

In a world filled with movies… this one has not been made. Each week the cast will embark on a mission some of them may not survive- to create a completely improvised movie right before your eyes. You give them the title, they give you the world. The classic characters, the mind blowing special effects, the dramatic score, and something that resembles a plot! From the people who brought you Study Hall and Stay Dead!, it’s Not Yet Rated: The Improvised Movie. Coming soon.

​Kelly Conrad
Andrew Coppola
​Dan Corkery
AJ DeLeon
​Frank Farrell
​Whitney Harris
​​Maggy Keegan Landis
Brendan Manklang Kingston
Dara Lyons
​​Stacie Lyons
Rob O’Neill

​Directed by Mike Marbach​

Not Yet Rated will debut on Thursday November 9th at 8:00 p.m. Oculum will debut on Friday November 10th, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. following the debut of the untitled improvised Shakespare show currently accepting registrations for auditions. Beginning with Fringe Festival shows and new house team debuts in September, continuing with Halloween shows in October, these new shows debuting in November, and filling in with our regularly awesome weekly and monthly shows… Fall is going to be nothing short of *awesome* at PHIT. I hope to see you in a class and at shows often!

Mike Marbach
Acting Artistic Director

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