The Wadsworth Constant – Final Show!

This Saturday, August 19th at 7:30 p.m. will be the final performance of PHIT’s long-running show The Wadsworth Constant.

The Wadsworth Constant is an improvised absurdist one-act play, a chance to laugh and commiserate at our bizarre shared human condition. Veteran improvisors and theatrical clowns Kristen Schier and Nick Gillette cook up a brand new play together, touching upon the existentialist fears and joys at the heart of us all.

The first performance of The Wadsworth Constant was in November 2014. Kristen and Nick performed the show a few times at PHIT and independent venues before PHIT picked the show up as part of its Dynamite Series. Kristen shared that her costume has changed exactly three times over the three years The Wadsworth Constant has been running.

Kristen and Nick realized they enjoy some of the same things about improv, and then realized they both love clowns and theater and soon came up with the idea to explore an improvised absurdist play. Kristen said, “The idea was scary and fun.”

We asked Kristen and Nick why they’ve most loved doing this show. Kristen shared, “I have loved doing this show for so many reasons not the least of which is sharing the stage with Nick – who makes anyone he plays with a better improviser. I also love doing this show because it scares the hell out of me. I like the way it is different form a lot of improv shows you might see, and I will admit I am proud of it.”

Nick responded, “Kristen is a joy to work with. This challenge of this show brings out the best in me. I feel like I have to play at the top of my form to keep up with her.”

The Wadsworth Constant is coached by Fred Brown.

Get your tickets to The Wadsworth Constant’s final performance now!

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