Swan Year and Channel 77’s Final Show!

This Saturday night, PHIT Comedy will have the final performances for two of our beloved house teams, Swan Year and Channel 77. Come out and celebrate the best way we know how: with lots of laughs and some cake.

Swan Year
Driven by strong emotions, indelible characters, deep relationships and the desire to make the audience (and one another) laugh, the team’s fabulous members work tirelessly to entertain you. Every duckling gets their Swan Year… it’s just a matter of when. Swan Year is Sam Abrams, Marcely Jean-Pierre, Kristofer Hodge, Annie Paradis, Jack O’Keeffe, and Lizzie Spellman. They are directed by Rob O’Neill.

Swan Year premiered on January 13th, 2016 and it’s only gotten more wet and wild since then.

Sam Abrams shared, “Playing with this team has been a privilege and a pleasure. I’ll really miss the wild and wonderful characters Swan Year comes up with- all of Jack’s Professors, Annie’s crafty mischievous surfer bros, Marcely’s kids, Lizzie’s accented busybodies, Hodge’s strange uncles, and Papa Rob giggling through it all.”

Jack O’Keeffe said, “The thing I’m going to miss most about playing with Swan Year is the sheer delight we all take in trying to make each other laugh. The joy in surprising each other or forcing someone to build on the ridiculous thing that has just been said. I’ve never been on a team that celebrates each other as much as Swan Year does, and I don’t know that I ever will again.”

When we asked Swan Year what they’d miss most about playing together, they responded “all the times we played sorority sisters and frat brothers together.” Jack O’Keeffe added to this, “I think inhabiting wild, youthful buffoons played to our collective strengths as a team.”

Channel 77
Channel 77 was cast in October 2015 and debuted in January 2016. Channel 77 is made up of Katie Cwirko, Kate Fruhman, Lali Gill, AJ Horan, Andrew Nealis, Dave Sucharski, and Joe Wendrychowicz. They are directed by Joe Tuzzi. Joe Wendrychowicz says he will miss the controlled chaos his teammates created.

Be sure to get your tickets to Swan Year and Channel 77’s final show in advance!

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