Shark Tank: The Final Episode

PHIT Comedy is excited to welcome “Shark Tank”: The Final Episode on Friday, July 21st at 10:30pm and Saturday, July 22nd at 9:00pm!

“Shark Tank”: The Final Episode is a bizarro take on the reality show Shark Tank that imagines a jaded panel of business experts listening to dumb product pitches while looking for any excuse to end the show for good. But it’s live, on stage, and scripted. The show is set up like a live taping of a TV show, complete with an audience warm up comic (Ari Fishbein) and eight new real (fake) commercials.

The cast is Molly Scullion, Rob O’ Neill, David Donnella, Frank Farrell, Katie Cwirko, Geoff Jackson, Whitney Harris, Annie Paradis, Jim Grammond, Jess Snow, Jeff Kremzier, Bill Reick, Pete Szekeres, Kate Banford, and Karen Coleman.

“Shark Tank”: The Final Episode was written by Max Sittenfield and Sean Keegan-Landis. How did they come up with the idea for this show? “Max was watching the show Survivor and thought, “Hey, I could write a Shark Tank script.” He couldn’t. But he and Sean could.” The audience does not need to know anything about Shark Tank to enjoy this show.

Check out one of the show’s real (fake) commercials!

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