PHIT Digital Sketch Team “The Worst Generation” Seeking New Writers!

PHIT’s Digital Sketch Team “The Worst Generation” is looking for ​new writers! The Worst Generation has been creating digital sketch videos for just about a year now and is looking to expand their already strong roster.

The Worst Generation is directed by Digital Sketch instructor and Page One / 1816 cast member Jon Plester who says, “I’m very excited to see members of the community who may not already have the opportunity to do sketch on stage, or very passionately want to create sketch comedy, come out and submit packets that blow me away. The Worst Generation already includes several hilarious and wonderful people, I can’t wait to see who we’re going to add to this already talented and hard working roster.”

The Worst Generation writing team meets weekly on Thursday nights with the goal of creating new ​videos at a consistent rate. PHIT is looking for writers who can think outside the box, surprise the audience, and most importantly – make people laugh. We are also looking for writers who are comfortable performing.

If you are interested in submitting to be a writer/performer for the Worst Generation please follow the below guidelines:

  • The submission packet must be in PDF format​.​
  • Packet should​ 10 pages or less and should be comprised of at least 3 sketches. ​
  • The packet should also include 10​ sketch pitches (this does not count towards the 10 pages).
  • In the body of the email please include your Phone Number, sketch writing / performing experience and any special skills (or a resume with all of these things if you have one).

​​All necessary materials​ should be submitted​ to ​ by 11:59 PM on ​Sunday, July 29th, 2017. Please use the subject line “​Worst Generation Packet – [FULL NAME]” when e-mailing the PDF.​

We ask that all writers submitting packets are either enrolled in or have completed Sketch 101 at the Philly Improv Theater​ or have special permission of director, Jon Plester​.

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